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Is The Governor Ready To Unleash 1.8M In Coin On Adversaries…YES!

December 10, 2009

Gov Mark Sanford, President George W. Bush

Sources close to the governor confirm to that there is in fact ‘Enough dirt to bury prominent grandstanding adversaries’ built over seven years of opposition research.  Our sources tell us this could be “lost trust times ten”… Developing…

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  1. The Engineer permalink
    December 10, 2009 6:48 AM

    I believe it was Will Rogers that said something like, “We have the best politicians money can buy.” Let’s see how the SC politicians stack up. I doubt if they will be able to hold a candle to Louisiana’s Senator who sold her vote to the Obamessiah for $300,000,000. It kinda makes you wonder what else she has sold….

  2. Will permalink
    December 10, 2009 7:31 AM

    That is the problem with taking on the King…you had better win.

    We need some “weeding” out of the political thugs and crooks in this state. Let’s hope Sanford makes a good start of it.

  3. ElizabethAnne permalink
    December 10, 2009 11:44 AM

    What does this mean? BTW, the picture says it all. Two people that hurt our country and all of us in ways we will be feeling for years to come. Mean and spiteful.

  4. BlueCat57 permalink
    December 11, 2009 7:47 PM

    ElizabethAnne – I hope you are saying that ALL politicians hurt our country and this is a photo of two of them.

    Can you even conceive of the hurt that Obama and the Democrats in Washington, DC are doing? The TRILLIONS in debt that they are running up is going to not only hurt you, but your children and your grandchildren. The per person national debt is fast approaching what the average person will earn in a lifetime! Right now you work 40% of the year just to pay taxes. Are you willing to work 100% just so nobody is “hurt”?

    Sanford and Bush probably hurt us. But are you listening to Sanford? His recommendations and goals are designed to put this state on a solid footing.

    Why did he refuse bailout money? Not to hurt us but to protect us from a hit to our state’s economy when Obama’s stash runs out. It is the other politicians in South Carolina that are hurting us even more. They are feeding at the federal trough like they deserve it.

    Are his recommendations to reduce corporate taxes designed to hurt us? No. The only economic entity that can pay a tax is the end consumer. You. Corporations don’t pay taxes, they raise their prices and cut their wages to pay taxes. That’s how it works. Just ask Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. I don’t see them lowering their prices and passing out 99% of their money because 1% of their billions is more than you or I will earn in our lifetime. And we are living pretty good lives.

    Taxation, no matter who does it or how noble the cause it will fund, is THEFT! Bush wasn’t exactly pure as the new fallen snow, but open your eyes and see hurt that is coming our way as the politicians in South Carolina look to accept the money stolen from hard working people in not only South Carolina but across the nation. How are they (we) going to pay for the programs when the federal money runs out? You think it won’t hurt when, since government programs are NEVER cut, they raise your taxes to pay for it all?

    People get into politics for what they can get out of it. Altruism isn’t the reason. I am still looking for the Reader’s Digest article called something like “How to become a millionaire in Congress.” The story I remember is of a young man who pulled into a city with all his possessions in an old Chevy and his pregnant wife. Four years later he was a millionaire. His only job during that time? US Congressman. A job that at that time paid about $70,000 a year. You do the math and take a guess at how he became a millionaire. And that was just one of several stories.

    If you want to see politicians stop hurting us you need to call for all the dirty laundry to be aired. But more importantly you need to call for ALL political offices to be part-time, term limited positions. Politicians are less likely to hurt us when they aren’t legislating.

    Sorry, your comment just hit a spot and I had the time to unload. Not directed at you personally, just had to vent.

  5. December 15, 2009 5:16 PM

    Thank you for venting, I try it out daily and I wished it worked for me…


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