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Navy Reserve Officer, Businessman, Former Council Member — Mark Fava to Run for Congress

December 7, 2009


Contact: Mark Fava


Navy Reserve Officer, Businessman, Former Council Member

Mark Fava to Run for Congress

Charleston, South Carolina – December 7, 2009 -Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day – Mark Fava, a Navy Reserve Officer, former Mt. Pleasant Town Council member, and Charleston attorney today formally announced his candidacy as a Republican to represent the citizens of the First Congressional District.

“Our country faces profound challenges from health care, use of the military, earmarks, bailouts and Washington’s appetite to spend our tax dollars. Congress has saddled future generations with billions of dollars in debt,” said Fava. “I have the vision, the leadership, the energy, and the experience to fight for limited federal government and  true fiscal responsibility.  We need congressmen with 200 year vision like our Founding Fathers and vision beyond their current two year terms. My candidacy is about restoring fiscal responsibility, creating more jobs and fighting for less federal government.”

Mark Fava is a leader, committed family man, and a pro-life advocate with a history of devoting his services to his country. Coming from a Navy family, Fava grew up moving frequently with his family around the country.   He is the son of retired Navy Captain and former Charleston County Administrator and County Councilman Ed Fava.  In 1975, Fava’s father was assigned to the Charleston Naval Base and Fava grew up West of the Ashley. Fava graduated from Bishop England in 1981 and accepted a Naval ROTC Scholarship to attend UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Political Science. The day after graduation, Fava was commissioned an officer in the United States Navy and entered Naval Flight Officer training in Pensacola, Florida.

While on active duty, Fava completed several overseas deployments and thousands of hours of maritime and anti-submarine missions around the world in the P-3 Orion.  Fava joined the Navy Reserve in 1991 and entered the University of South Carolina School of Law. He served on Mount Pleasant Town Council from 1998 to 2001.

Fava currently practices aviation law and is a partner at the Nelson Mullins law firm. Fava and his wife Dee reside in Mount Pleasant with their three young daughters and are members of Providence Presbyterian PCA Church.  He has over 24 years of military service and is currently a Captain in the Navy Reserve serving his third commanding officer tour.

“It is simply unconscionable to be leaving a legacy of debt to my three children and the next generation as well. Every single minute the federal government adds $3 million dollars of new national debt. We have to restore true fiscal responsibility to government and do so through spending cuts and not by raising taxes,” said Fava.

“Health care reform should be carefully considered and debated. Government run health care is not the solution. The federal government must keep its promises to our veterans in the form of hard earned retirement and health care benefits.” Regarding the military, taxes and tax code, “It’s our obligation to clearly define the strategy of any military action and then support our military leaders in the field,” said Fava. “More and more taxes to fix the out-of-control federal spending are simply not the solution – increased taxes do not create jobs. Further, the current tax code is obsolete, overly complex and in need of major reform.”

Most of our Congressmen have completely lost touch with their constituents and are willing to do anything to stay in office even if it means knowingly bankrupting our children’s future. If you have had enough and want fiscal responsibility, new energy, and a fresh conservative voice, then you should be part of the Fava for Congress team. Go to his web site and show your support by joining his campaign and saying Enough is Enough!



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