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NEFA: Afghan Taliban Celebrate Ft. Hood Massacre

November 11, 2009

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) has issued a new official communique in response to the massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas that killed 13 people. In a statement titled, “The Attack In Texas Is A Proof On The Disagreement Among American Soldiers Over The War”, the Taliban celebrated the “fight and trance and enormous fears within the military and civil circles in America” caused by the incident. The Taliban noted, “the hero of the attack is the Muslim psychiatrist in the rank of Major in the American Army, from Palestinian origin… Some of the Western organizations and media sources say–regarding the factors that made the American soldier Nidal Hasan carry this attack–it might be caused by psychological illness and stress, which spread amongst the soldiers in the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq… But, other specialists, next to these factors, diagnosed another special factor; that the oppression and the monstrosity and prisoner torture and air raids and general killing, carried out by the American army in Iraq and Afghanistan, have led to a situation of widespread dissonance and exhaustion between the American soldiers, and the American military bases. Maybe this incident was a reaction to these injustices, and disowning them.” The Taliban statement further warned that if the U.S. fails to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan “it will become normal for incidents and attacks similar to Texas’ to expand to the Pentagon and the rest of the American military bases, and it is inevitable that those with a spark of self-awareness to react with fundamentalist rebellion.” (See Statement Here)
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