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Fort Hood and the Deadly Toll of Political Correctness

November 7, 2009









By Christina Jeffrey

Fort Hood and the Deadly Toll of Political Correctness

Last Thursday an Islamic supremacist shot 38 soldiers and killed 13. More are hurting and may die.  This occurred at Fort Hood, Texas, where my son spent most of his enlistment before he went back to college to become an officer.  “It could have been Billy,” I thought in horror. I’m sure tens of thousands of parents had the same sinking thought at this horrific news.  My heart breaks for those whose children, husbands, fathers and loved ones are lying dead or wounded today.

The President does not want us to jump to conclusions, but the Obama administration has already jumped to one very dangerous conclusion, that they must prevent Americans from speaking the truth, the obvious, plain, TRUTH, that we have just suffered a second major attack on U.S. soil by Islamic terrorists.

Meanwhile, early reports say the FBI is not discussing any link to terrorism. Why not? The link seems obvious and must be investigated, if the FBI still works for the United States.

While relatives of the Ft. Hood murderer are out talking to the media and calling Nidal Malik Hasan a normal, loyal American, the President is giving them room to make their case by telling us to shut-up about alternative characterizations of the Hasan. The line is: he was disturbed, he was harassed. I guess it’s our fault 13 people died at Fort Hood because America is a terrible, racist country and needs correcting as too many schools teach today.

The shooter is sympathetic to terrorists. So why is he still an officer in the U.S. Army?  This mystery and related mysteries can be cleared up if one understands political correctness (PC).

This PC culture is not new and it’s not rational, (unless you hate America and all it stands for). Thanks to the major institutions of society, the press, education, most churches, and the U.S. Army, political correctness is deeply embedded in our society. But it has huge costs, this is just the most expensive to date.

Thursday afternoon, the cost was an attack that left 13 dead and 25 wounded American soldiers. On 9/11, terrorists had to steal an airplane to launch their attacks, this time it was much easier for the enemy, he was already inside the Fort, and enjoyed the full support of his U.S. Army chain of command.

How could this have happened?  How could a radical Islamist be allowed to stay in our Army, keep his job as a psychiatrist at Walter Reed Hospital, and even counsel wounded warriors returning to the U.S. for rehabilitation?

Our country is at war with Islamic terrorism, but it’s in denial.  After 9/11, there was more concern at many colleges that Islamic members of the student body and faculty not be tainted by the horror that had just taken place at the World Trade Center, than there was for the victims.  It was amazing and disgusting, but what would one expect who has followed the progress of this wicked doctrine that prevents people from speaking and in some cases, even thinking the truth?

We wring our hands in dismay that perfectly innocent Japanese and German citizens were suspected of disloyalty during World Wars I and II and suffered discrimination. However, it’s worse to utterly fail to protect ourselves and our children from those who will, if they can, kill us, overtake our government, and enslave us, every man, woman  and child of us.

Now we’re hearing that the shooter was afraid of harassment for his religious beliefs. This sounds just like the excuses for 9/11.  The PC crowd believes that we are guilty of provoking  Islamic terrorists because of the Persian Gulf War. We were to blame because we invaded their country, and defiled it by waging war on their fellow Islamists. So what does the Army do? It deliberately recruits Moslems because we are fighting in Moslem countries. Does it have special screening in place to make sure they are loyal to the United States?  Of course not, but if they refuse to go to the Middle East, they are exempt from that assignment. PCism doesn’t have to make sense.

Our country is at war with Islamic terrorism and does not want to admit it, actually cannot admit it and political correctness does not allow it to admit the nature of the enemy.  War is ugly; it means knowing your enemy and taking defensive as well as offensive actions; but we cannot defend ourselves against Islamc terrorism because we cannot acknowledge what everyone knows to be true, and that is the connection between a particular creed and those who would destroy us. So we let them destroy us.

In short, political correctness is just a way to undermine the hearts and minds of patriotic Americans and its high cost has brought death to the Army volunteers who were trying to protect us.  Would that the Army had tried to protect them as well.

Ordinary Americans have been asked to make changes in the way we live our lives in order to accomodate the need for greater security.  These changes include watching and reporting the actions of our fellow citizens.  The Army too, must make accomodations.  It must be more security conscious because terrorists can get inside the Army and have.

Political correctness is a product of the left. Ours is a center-right country. We must rid ourselves of this harmful and tryrannical dogma.  Our own institutions should be pro, not anti-American and we must oppose all forms of New Speak and/or mind control. We must have a winning attitude if we are to win the war on terror and most important, we should make the protection of American lives first and foremost.

Christina Jeffrey announced her candidacy earlier this year. She is committed to restoring respect for the United States Constitution, decentralized government, states’ rights, and individual liberty. For more information, see

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  1. November 9, 2009 12:15 PM

    I couldn’t agree more. This P/C idiocy has got to stop. Why should people be afraid to report something suspicious – especially when it could carry repercussions like just occured at Fort Hood. What a tragic situation, and as a former Army wife of 20 years I was hit especially hard.

    I lived in Teheran in 1978 and saw this whole Islamic terrorist movement start to unfold. The last several months prior to being evacuated, there were times we lived in terror as things were getting so bad. During that time I started to keep a diary as I believed that I was living through historic times. Recently I decided to use the material I had and start a blog. It can be found at: This is based on real live experience and would love to share it with anyone who is interested in getting a better idea of what was happening over there during the fall of the Shah. And believe me, I am not being P/C – many of us Americans associated with our military were TOTALLY fed up with Carter and the American Ambassador in Iran. I would also enjoy any comments you might have to add.

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