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Christina Jeffrey on Gresham Barrett’s letter

November 6, 2009









By Christina Jeffrey

The removal of prisoners from military stockades at Guantanamo Bay to the United States is an issue for Americans at all levels. Ours is a system that relies on checks and balances. We the people can use elections, but that opportunity only comes every two years. Meanwhile, the State is supposed to check the Federal government. It is a distortion of our system of Government to say that South Carolina has no say in what the President does as long as we are at war. What a frightening idea!

It is part of the genius of our Founding Fathers that they built in so many different ways to check governmental power. Those who are refusing to sign Gresham Barrett’s letter because it is not appropriate are ignorant of our Constitution and our system of government.

While applauding Gresham’s effort to ensure that our next Governor is as serious about protecting South Carolina’s interests as the previous governor’s have been, this question should be raised about George Bush and the formerly Republican Congress and our congressional delegation which served in it. Congress has the power to check the federal courts but it never uses it.

When the Republicans were in the majority, why didn’t they use this power to keep the federal courts from transferring jurisdiction over terrorists from the military to our civil courts?

The answer seems to be that Congress, no matter if it is a Republican Congress or a Democrat Congress, doesn’t check anyone, not even itself, or maybe especially not itself. Fortunately those upon whose consent all government in America rests, that is, the people, are waking up to their duty and we will see some big changes in 2010.

Christina Jeffrey
Candidate for Congress
4th Congressional District

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  1. Garnet Spy permalink
    November 6, 2009 8:57 PM

    Congressional “checking” of the judicial branch is, at best, marginal. The Constitution intended for the judiciary to check the legislative branch. Yes, legislation can be written to accommodate court rulings, but that is a long and devisive process that mostly requires a solid majority. Bush didn’t have such a luxury in his second term. By the time this particular issue came to prominence and public debate, Congress belonged to the Democratic Party.

  2. November 6, 2009 9:33 PM

    Great points about the failure of the checks and balances by the wimps in Congress. Our state government used to be represented by our US senators until the 17th Amendment made them glorified representatives.

    You’re supporting the wrong person for governor, however, if you think Barrett would stick his neck out. He has a record of going along with the crowd in his voting for the TARP bail out of mega-rich elitist bankers.

    I imagine he reaped quite a bit of cash to run for governor on that deal.

    Too bad his campaign is flush with cash but has small change for a candidate.

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