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South Carolina will be sing the Political Blues, If Divisiveness within the Republican Party Persist

October 26, 2009

BY: Keith H. Seymour, Contributing Editor

Following his infamous confession in June, many people (myself included) and outside Governor Sanford’s political party, called for his resignation. At the same time, there were many who felt the governor should not have to resign. People on both sides of the issues have their own reasons and agendas.  These people have stated reasons from the justifiable to being down right hypocritical.

In June, I wrote an article at, called for the governor to resign. In that same blog article, I also called Republican senator, Jake Knotts and Democratic representative, Todd Rutherford hypocrites for their respective positions, because they took the exact opposite positions that they took when President Clinton was caught. In all fairness to Governor Sanford, he did not commit or encourage others to commit perjury. On the other hand some things have come out that have called into question his forthrightness in the area of spending habits. This has happened to such a degree that even Lieutenant Governor Bauer, whom I know resisted several requests to do so finally stated that he felt he had no choice but to ask for the governor’s resignation.

It is no secret that the mainstream media are playing up the well known fact that the current “Republican” governor and “Republican” lieutenant governor have had a somewhat adversarial relationship over the years.   What people in the Republican Party are either too absorbed or too complacent to understand is that they have allowed  individual friendships, loyalties and/or their own political agendas, to cause a division that unless corrected, will likely cause the conservatives to not only use the executive but also the state  legislative offices. It does not take a genius to figure out that one of the primary reasons that superintendent Rex is running for the position of governor is because he knows he has a good chance of winning it, due to “this” division within the Republican Party.

The problem is not that people have chosen sides for or against Sanford or Bauer, or are still voicing opinions as to whether Governor Sanford should resign.  I still feel that it would be best for both the Party and the state if Governor Sanford would gracefully take Lieutenant Governor Bauer up on his offer.

In spite of these feelings, I am also realistic enough to know the following (1) the governor will not resign.  (2) Lieutenant Governor Bauer, who in my view has exhibited the necessary leadership skills to be a good governor, and (3) if certain members of the Republican Party allow their opinions and investigations to continue to divide the party, this state will be singing the “political blues” figuratively and literally.

The bottom line herein utilize the necessary investigations, and express your opinion. It is not only the right but the obligation of our elected officials to do so.  However, it is also their obligation to make sure this South Carolina is not run by people who will turn it into a “socialist state.”

Keith H. Seymour may be reached at or followed on twitter @writestuffcmour.

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  1. October 27, 2009 9:46 AM

    QUOTE: ‘However, it is also their obligation to make sure this South Carolina is not run by people who will turn it into a “socialist state.”’


    The problem with your argument is that with Bauerbarrettmcmastah, we’ll just have more good ol’ boy fascism–a form of socialism.

    Bauerbarrettmcmastah hasn’t done ANYTHING!

    (Well, okay, Bauer DID crash a plane which, according to the accident report, he, as a pilot, ignored several no-go warning signs due to his recklessness and/or incompetence.)

    We need reform! Nikki Haley is the only one who has done anything for the hard working every day folks who want their government back.

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