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A Message from Governor Mark Sanford

September 11, 2009

Dear Friends,

I don’t want to clog you with email over-load given I sent an email earlier this week, and typically send a note every few weeks or months, but I was amazed by the response of so many across the state from that email. People overwhelmingly said that if this information was fully available to the public regarding our administration’s record on spending and watching out for taxpayer assets, the debate taking place in the state would be completely different. Many said they understood why political opponents would be motivated to advance distorted stories that are then picked up and run as press headlines, and still more wanted to know what they could do to change this and get the real story out to the public.

The answer is real simple: pass along the news at the grassroots level. If every person emailed that letter (found here) to all their friends and then asked them to do the same, each of you could play a meaningful role in getting the facts out – so I can do what I’ve been trying to do on a daily basis with stops at various rotaries, manufacturers and other local companies – and that is to continue working on restructuring, government transparency, spending, taxes and economic development.

Sorry again to bother you with the email, but given I was asked for ways to help, I didn’t want to not answer the question and indeed I’d love your help on this.

Take care and have a great weekend.


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