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Start your own “Personal Tea Party” today

September 3, 2009
Letter to the editorSince I’m a registered Republican /Retired Veteran/on Social Security and based on my tax returns, certainly Middle Class, I have decided that the only way for my family to have a voice in today’s political cauldron is to begin “The Personal Tea Party”.

I can not afford to attend nearby community Tea Parties since the gas is going back up and meals on the road are also escalating.  My heart is there with the “people” but the wallet say’s NO.  Sooooo I have decided to participate by doing the most I can in the only way I can.  Be frugal!

From this day forward, until things change, my cars will not move unless it is absolutely necessary.  I will walk around my house (patrol) to make sure that not one (1) bit of electricity is being consumed except the necessary.  Bargain shopping for food will become the norm.  Goodbye cookies, ice cream, and all the other fun items when money was plentiful.  Hello home grown veggies and foods that do not cost an arm and a leg.  Grits are good!  Strip away all the goodies associated with the cell phone and telephone features.  I mean frugal!  Hello TV antenna, goodbye Satellite.  Goodbye color printer, hello black ink.  I could go on but you see the trend I’m alluding to.

IF, we could get a significant  part of our local and state population to take on these trappings it would say more and have more effect than attending “town hall meetings”, voicing our concerns, and being labeled terrorists.  Stay home, save your money with a “Personal Tea Party”.

When you look at the National picture fiscally you quickly understand that you will be forced to do many of the things I mentioned above anyway!  As we tighten our belts to redistribute the wealth I can only say “Sorry” to those many millions of folks that saved/invested and made all the right moves only to have it eased from their hands and given to those that did not.

Start your own “Personal Tea Party” today and perhaps you will not be smacked in the side of the head or a least it will not hurt as much.

Jack Justice

Summerton, SC

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  1. September 4, 2009 4:09 AM

    shopping mall and open shop free

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