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GoUpstate: Sunday’s letters: Kennedy worse than Sanford

August 30, 2009


Your editorial timing is very strange. On a day when your newspaper is largely given over to eulogizing the late Senatorial icon, Ted Kennedy, your call for Gov. Mark Sanford to step down was quite strange. It also slots you in step with the numb-brained Andre Bauer and the ever sanctimonious David Thomas, company that no newspaper should wish to keep.

Ted Kennedy, if you must be reminded, was directly responsible for the drowning of a young woman during one of his frequent extramarital toots. He then ran like a drunken teenager and tried to shelter under the wing of his powerful family. Did he step down? Was his career over? Read your paper.

Quitting is seldom the right way to go out and Sanford’s mostly venial sins don’t warrant his stepping down. He’s earned the right to fight it out.

J.H. Heckman

Lyman Lake


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  1. susan swanson permalink
    September 2, 2009 4:56 AM

    Gov. Sandord is really taking the heat because he
    dared to buck Pre.Obama and also the S.C. legislature. Thank God that he did take that stand.

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