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SCHotline Report: ObamaCare, Eerie Canal Project – Potato, Potahto

August 5, 2009


By Michael S. Smith II, SCHotline Contributing Editor

Confronted by a registered-Democrat’s criticisms of Barack Obama’s efforts to “stuff a health care bill down our throat in three to four weeks when the president took 6 months to pick what dog he wanted for his kids,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer likened the Democrats’ health care reform policy proposals to the proposal to construct the Eerie Canal.

“It was a good investment. It created jobs. And what this country is trying to do now is: Reinvest in recovery, and build our country back,” Congressman Hoyer advised.

Completed 17 years after its construction was proposed in 1808, the canal’s construction, according to Congressman Hoyer, was loudly protested by many Americans like the ones who attended his August 5 press conference to voice their opposition to ObamaCare.

Mr. Hoyer then suggested ObamaCare’s opponents are people who “believe that this is a great country, but it’s not gonna be very great in the future.”

Speaking over audience members’ loud responses to his assertion, the Democratic congressman added: “But there’s some of us who believe this is a great country, and it will be a greater country because of the investment that we’re making.”

Here’s a link to footage of that news conference:


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