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“Enough is enough: We can’t fund it, and we shouldn’t do it.”

July 29, 2009


Healthcare “reform” continues to lead the news of the day as the president pushes his so-called “public ‘option'” onto the American people, doing whatever he can to launch the grandest social program in America’s history.

But Obama’s beginning to meet quite a bit of resistance – something he’s obviously unaccustomed to. And so are members of Congress.

According to some staffers in D.C., phone calls are pouring in 15-to-1 against the president’s plan.

It’s no different here in S.C.

In fact, a staffer in Rep. John Spratt’s Rock Hill office says they’re receiving numerous phone calls from every-day citizens who are demanding the Democratic Congressman reject the socialized healthcare policy prescriptions being peddled by Obama and his Democrat comrades in the House.

Rep. Spratt serves on the powerful Congressional Budget Committee, and he has consistently demonstrated he understands what spending does to the “bottom line.” In fact, Spratt often stands against his party’s leadership on spending measures that just don’t add up.

It’s time for Congressman Spratt to proudly don his “Blue Dog Democrat” lapel pin and say:

“Enough is enough: We can’t fund it, and we shouldn’t do it.”

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