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Political Insiders Poll – Governor Sarah Palin

July 19, 2009

Q: On balance, would Sarah Palin be more of an asset or a liability in campaigning for Republicans in competitive 2010 races?

Democrats (90 votes)

More of an asset 38%
More of a liability 59%
Depends 3%


“Thanks in part to the obsessive coverage, Palin remains as relevant as ever and a big draw.”

“She still has the allure of a star that attracts the faithful and their dollars. Democrats and independents don’t attend Republican fundraisers.”

“With Democrats holding so many traditionally conservative seats in a midterm election, Palin will have plenty of invitations to campaign for Republican candidates. She can help the GOP as a fundraiser and motivator if she picks her spots wisely.”

“She will help them raise dollars and fill arenas, put people in seats. Her strongest negative is that she is inexperienced, but that only comes into play when the election is about her.”


“She’s great with the GOP base, but like [Rush] Limbaugh and [Newt] Gingrich, she’s poison with independent voters.”

“She would have done a decent job at helping out the Republicans in ’10 if she hadn’t thrown a fit and run off the court in the middle of the game.”

“Simple: She is not the right face for a revitalized Republican Party.”

“In a general election, as of July 2009, it is a negative. I am hedging my statement because there have been more unlikely rebrandings in American political history. Richard Nixon, failed California gubernatorial candidate, anyone?”

“As Republicans become a smaller part of the electorate, independents become critical to the Republicans’ ability to be competitive. Independents don’t like Sarah Palin.”

“She’s a lightning rod for controversy and becomes more annoying and less convincing the more Americans hear from her. She attracts crowds but not for the right reasons.”

“As a fundraiser, she is fine; in a general election, a disaster.”

Q: On balance, would Sarah Palin be more of an asset or a liability in campaigning for Republicans in competitive 2010 races?

Republicans (93 votes)

More of an asset 53%
More of a liability 42%
Depends 5%


“Red-district Democrats should fear her. She is a punch line in major cities but touches a nerve in rural America.”

“She’ll only campaign in areas it’ll help. She’ll be strong everywhere [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi isn’t, and weak everywhere Pelosi is strong.”

“Her liabilities extend only to her, whereas the enthusiasm she generates fills up phone banks and gets precincts walked.”

“You’ll get lots of press and look-see interest; great for fundraisers, everyone will want a picture with her. Controlling the message is the only challenge, but she’s a smooth speaker.”

“She is one of the few stars left in the party and the only female one.”

“She is wildly popular among Republicans. And even unaffiliated voters seem to think she got a raw deal from the national news media.”

“Just like that movie with Cameron Diaz, there’s just something about Sarah. Don’t ask me to explain it, though.”


“She brings too much additional unwanted attention: would be like having the circus come to town.”

“She’s not stable!”

“Is Sarah Palin really the face we want to project to the American people? Jeez, where do we find these people?”

“Independent voters don’t like controversy surrounding public figures.”

“Anyone that needs Palin to mobilize the base next year should not be running.”

“Sarah Palin visiting would be like Dan Quayle visiting: nice photos but bad press.”

“Key word is ‘competitive’ races, meaning swing voters. And Palin is poison among swing voters.”

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