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SCHotline Welcomes The Garnet Spy, AKA Charlie Speight as contributing editor

July 13, 2009


[Excerpt from Bio]

The Garnet Spy is Charlie Speight, a Cold Warrior and a Reagan conservative. I may even be a Libertarian, especially given Ronald Reagan’s endorsement of it, but the tests have not yet come back.

I was born in North Carolina and grew up in Johnston, SC spending my summers working in a peach packing house.

I married my high school sweetheart and am a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina (the first and REAL “USC”) majoring in International Relations (this is where the ”Garnet” in “Garnet Spy” comes from). After college, we moved to Maryland when I went to work for a U.S. intelligence agency, retiring in July, 2009. We have two sons and, at this writing, a grandson and granddaughter. Both sons, my wife and one of our daughters-in-law graduated from USC. In fact, our sons are the fifth consecutive generation to attend.

In over 34 years as an intelligence officer (thus the “Sp y” ), I held a series of assignments in the fields of analysis, management and strategic planning.C Speight As a result of my work, we lived overseas for 7 years (two different countries).

“What is there to say, A member of the NSA for 34 years, a conservative and a Gamecock fan to boot!  So it is with open arms we welcome The Spy and his unique insight and wit to our team of politicos.”

~Jeffrey Sewell

The Garnet Spy

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