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YTD: Top five SCHotline Press Release Hits; It’s ALL Jenny Sanford, Tabu, Katon Dawson and Angie Goff

July 8, 2009

Sanford Family Collects School Supplies 18,271 Mega Big-Time
First Lady Jenny Sanford Participates in 9,677 Huge
Tabu Nightlife to Bring Vegas Nightlife 6,503 Unbelievable, are they still open…
SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson makes histor 6,058 Expected
Former WIS Anchor Angie Goff (AKA Baby Doll) to depart Columbia 3,944 Wow

Most Active (the past day)
SCHotline Principal Jeffrey Sewell – Biography 205 views, Damn I don’t like me enough to read it once.  :)JK  But I do have to work at it…

Blog Stats

  • 387,295 hits, to be honest as a Microsoft Certified in just about everything and too much, and with some understanding of firewalls we do not put a lot of stock into stats.  Again, hardware and software firewalls can block cookies and other executables from communicating a hit.  And most frequently misunderstood is that unique hits, visitors are impossible to determine in a building with 10,000 workers as every hit is seen as coming from the same range of IP Addresses.  Anyway we happened to look at this and most interestingly to us was the number of hits Jenny Sanford and our other favorite lady Angie Goff have received and any of this prior to current events.  So anyway if you care about hits understand that if your hit counter shows 1000 it could be 2000 or even 10,000…

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