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July 9 Regisnation rally being led by Obama’s organization

July 7, 2009

Our crack team at  has done some research regarding the so called “resignation rally” for Governor Sanford. What we have discovered is the rally was originally a health care rally for Obama’s group Organizing for America. Once this scandal hit they decided to change it to a resignation rally.

Here is what we know so far. The rally is being planned by Organizing for America (Obama’s organization). If you go to the facebook page they created for the July 9th event you will see this in the links section. Here is the link to the facebook event page. We also have some screen shots below as well.  The rally info is also listed as an event on the OAF website.

resign rally facebook page

resign rally

OFA webpage

Once we saw all of this we started wondering about who are the people putting together this “Resignation rally.” We started goggling some more and here is what we found. On the Indigo Journal they gave the name of the person to contact about the rally.

The phone number belongs to Mike Evatt who is a member of the SC Democratic Party Executive Committee. Here is the link to the SC Democratic Party website listing Mike Evatt as the State Democrat Party Executive Committeeman from Oconee.

indigojournalwithphonenumberMike Evatt EXcommittee for Oconee Dems

While we were goggling phone numbers there was more bit of information we came across a Marilyn Hemingway. The name looked familiar and then we remembered where we saw the name before. She was listed as one of the administrators on the Impeach Mark Sanford facebook group.

We deicided we couldn’t stop there. We found Marilyn is also a Democrat and she is in fact ran for 1st Vice Chair of the SC Democratic party. This whole rally on July 9th is being organized by Obama’s liberal organzation and the SC Democratic Party.


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  1. Harry permalink
    July 8, 2009 12:27 AM

    “Community Organizing”, as it is now called, is deceptive politics at its best. Nothing is EVER as it seems, as the deceptions are real and many.

    Obama is the best…these people are pretty good.

    Just political bums and hacks to me. Except they have taking spreading falsehoods to a new height.

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