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Opinion: Columbia gives S.C. Electric and Gas a big bundle of cash for no reason

June 23, 2009

By Jeffrey Sewell

Contrary to Coble , Finlay’s and Gantt’s comments this is NOT a good deal for the city¬† This property is worth $50 a foot once cleaned up and marketed. At a minimum it is worth $30 a foot so the City sold it for $16/foot and called it a good deal.

Once people think this through, they are going to realize we just gave SCE&G a big bundle of cash for no reason other than we don’t have professional advice in use for city property sales.

[See the story here]

The State: SCE&G-Columbia deal good news for buses

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  1. Don Werts permalink
    June 24, 2009 4:03 PM

    Yes, the reason is with the legislature. Gov Sanford’s plans were overridden by state congress. He did not want to accept stimulus money. He did not want SC to have a lien on it from the US government. But we had some fancy legislators who pressed the point.
    You forced SC to take, so let it go where ever it goes. We didn’t want, didn’t need and tried not to take it. So please don’t sit back and complain about what happens to it.
    Did you think it would be passed out at Wendy’s?
    For those who insisted that SC take this money then sit back and realize you made the mistake; not Gov. Sanford.

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