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Event: Hudson’s BBQ Legislative Q & A Lexington County Republican Party

June 19, 2009

Dear Republicans,

This is a reminder that we will be meeting on Monday night at 6:00 pm at Hudson’s BBQ (356-1070) at 4952 Sunset Boulevard (Hwy 378) in Lexington. We will have a great time eating and visiting with each other and getting to know our delegation better. The format for the evening will be casual and the dining will be Dutch treat. We will begin eating at 6:00 and the legislators will begin addressing us at 6:30 or so with each giving a brief introductory speech. I will then open the floor for questions from us. I will moderate and try to direct the questions to the legislators fairly. At about 7:30 or so we will close the question portion and mingle one-on-one with the delegation. Our legislators represent us the best they can but they need to know what we are concerned about to do that properly so prepare your questions now and don’t be shy.

If we have any candidates for public office in attendance I will introduce them but they won’t be addressing us.

We currently have a very rough count of 78 people planning to attend. Hudson’s can handle a big crowd but it would help if we can give them an idea of the size of the crowd. We want you to bring as many of your friends as possible and don’t discourage any last minute volunteers but if you know you are coming and have not told me please let me know by Sunday so I can give a number to Hudson’s.

As you probably know all ten of Gov. Sanford’s vetoes were overturned this week. I have prepared a chart for our delegation’s vote on each veto which I have attached and pasted below. O means a vote to overturn the veto. S means a vote to sustain the veto. NV means not voting. I believe this report is accurate based on the House and Senate Journal online but if there are mistakes the delegation can correct them Monday.

I believe we have confirmed that the following legislators will be in attendance Monday:

Nathan Ballentine
Kenny Bingham
Ronnie Cromer
Chip Huggins
Jake Knotts
Ted Pitts
Kit Spires
Mac Toole

It should be a lot of fun so make plans to be there and bring your family and your appetite. If you have questions you can reach me at 513-5275.


Rich Bolen, Chairman
Lexington County Republican Party
PO Box 1346
Lexington, SC 29071

Join The South Carolina Republican Party — Chairman Karen Floyd

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