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The State | Saturday’s Letters to the Editor, AKA “A Crap Sandwich”

May 2, 2009

I am writing this letter (Crap sandwich) on behalf of my 6-year-old son and the children I see every day who struggle because they come from families that are not well-educated (Why, just a wild guess; they went to S.C. Public Schools…) and may not have money to buy school supplies (WT… are we paying taxes for?  The administration to drive Lexus and BMW’s…).

I write also on behalf of my co-workers in the school system (okay you work for a school district…) who work diligently both day and night to make sure that they are prepared to teach their classes — not because of the pay but because of love for the students they teach (They don’t work for money? They, ‘you are fired!’).

It angers me to know that Gov. Mark Sanford is refusing to take the stimulus money. This is not a black/white issue (gee did not see that coming…); this is a state of South Carolina issue and, if we don’t take the money, some other state will benefit (Get that money, honey) and we will have to pay it back. How smart is that?  (Again we are just guessing you are not the Governor of the State nor do you have his educational and or business resume, acumen…)

Education is and should be our No. 1 priority (OK agreed, abolish the welfare state and public schools) in this state because school is the second place where children learn to be productive citizens of this state and world.  (Since when?)

So, Gov. Sanford, please accept the money on behalf of our children and their futures.  (otherwise we might drop to the lowest scores “in all 58 States”, just like Obama said…).


West Columbia (Figures + Matters = Results)

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