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Is it just me or are you sick and tired of reading headlines like this…

April 25, 2009

Pit bull attacks 10-year-old…

By A. Citizen

Just Google Pit bull attacks [Images] or better yet, don’t [disgusting]…

I am certain I will take some heat for even mentioning that these dogs be banned from city parks and downtown Columbia. I would hate to be a jogger and meet up with one of these beasts. But all too often I see young men primarily or even exclusively walking these dogs on huge chains in downtown Columbia. The dogs have been trained to fight and come from a stock of or breed that clamps down with jaws of steel shredding skin, muscle and bone, maiming and killing other dogs, horses, children and yes even adults.

This is one of those no-brainier situations to me, but maybe it’s just me… I don’t like snakes or rabid fox either so call me crazy.

Sources: CDC.Gov

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