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TTS Back Together Again? Haley for Governor? We don’t know but…

April 16, 2009

SCHotline received the following anonymous email this morning and quite frankly we don’t know if it is true or not and would not wish it on anyone.  What we can say is that if it is true, this just may be the right opportunity for a Haley to jump in as has been rumored…

“For the last few months an internal battle has waged for control of the campaign, and I’m afraid that the Tompkins crowd has consolidated its control of the campaign apparatus.  Longtime Barrett media consultant Rex Elsass and close associate of Walter Whetsell-Starboard has been forced out in favor of Scotty Howell and Heath Thompson  Howell and Thompson have been given complete control and authority to hire staff including a campaign manager.  Heath Thompson, you will remember is a business partner with Warren Tompkins and Terry Sullivan and the plan is to run Tompkins fees thru the Howell media company to avoid disclosure.  This also means that Terry Sullivan (and his employee Wesley Donahue) who’s internet firm already works for Barrett, will most assuredly assume day to day control of the campaign.  This also will leave Whetsell and crew on the outside looking in.  This is the Romney disaster all over again and I fear that they will milk Barrett for their high fees and money with little concern for Barrett or actually winning.”

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