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The State | The Buzz: Slams Ravenel for Op-Ed

March 1, 2009

News – S.C. Politics
Sunday, Mar. 01, 2009
The Buzz

• Ravenel’s 13th step?

Former state treasurer and cocaine aficionado Thomas Ravenel is miffed over President Barack Obama’s tax cuts for working families and tax hikes for the nation’s wealthiest. Ravenel, a developer, fits in the wealthy class.

In an editorial posted on one of the state’s political blogs last week, Ravenel unleashed a bevy of income-tax figures to conclude working families don’t deserve the extra cash.
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“This used to be called welfare. Now they are calling it a tax cut,” he wrote.

So let The Buzz get this straight: Ravenel, who resigned his post and pleaded guilty to federal cocaine-distribution charges two years ago, is casting a critical eye on another politician’s decision-making?


So maybe the 13th step is misplaced outrage.

Anyone know?

Obama’s anti-stimulus plan


rab9 wrote on 03/01/2009 10:46:18 AM:

I am amazed at your hypocrisy. If Ravenel was a so called poor, drug user you would defend to the death his right to voice his opinion and you would probably label that opinion as brilliant. But since he is wealthy and Republican you heap scorn upon him. He is entitled to his opinions and as a convicted felon he should have special respect in your world since you have so much compassion for the downtrodden.
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robert7081 wrote on 03/01/2009 09:17:17 AM:

Usual State socialist propaganda about Ravenel. Of course no mention of all the jobs he created – but that’s the function of government, isn’t it!

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