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March 1, 2009

After the 2004 election, liberal Democrats invented the term “Swiftboated” to designate what they considered to be any rightwing smear towards one of their own (the fact that John Kerry didn’t factually refute any of the specific points made by the ‘Swiftboat Veterans for Truth’ I guess was besides the point).

Now I have a new term for those who dare criticize any of Obama’s policies: Plumbered.

I say Plumbered because of the way the organized liberal groups (MSNBC, Huffpo, etc.) did a search and destroy mission on ‘Joe the Plumber’. Now they are trying to destroy CNBC’s Rick Santelli for slamming Obama’s housing bailout plan. Obviously, liberals don’t take dissent and criticism all that well.

This PC fascism gotta end. These Obamabots like Matthews (who in the YouTube below asks Santelli who Santelli voted for. Who the hell did you vote for Matthews – you damn DNC hack who was Tip O’Neill’s Chief of Staff. Matthews also lamented that Santelli was – quote – “Coming down hard on Barack” – unquote – tsk, tsk, tsk…), Olbermann (who has a propensity for damning anybody who doesn’t have his facts seems himself not to know what the heck he’s talking about as it pertains to Santelli’s position on Hanky-Panky Paulson bailout last Fall. Olbermann, in the YouTube clip below, damns Santelli for not opposing Paulson’s Pence WHEN SANTELLI WAS THE ONLY GUY ON CNBC TO OPPOSE THE BUSH-PAULSON-PELOSI-McCAIN-OBAMA BAILOUT! – as the two You Tube clips below makes clear. Thus, either a) Olbermann doesn’t know what Santelli’s position on the bank bailout was; or b) he is purposely misrepresenting Santelli’s position – and, hence, engaging in purposeful convenient historical revisionism which is a common tactic of the Left. Hey Keith, go back to ESPN where you belong…no, wait a minute, you were a jackass there too), Arianna the Airhead Huffington (the HuffPo John Amato, who called Santelli a “idiot Bush Depression trader”- nice talk from a “Love & Peace” lib at HuffPo. Hey, Amato, Santelli isn’t a bond trader, he is a reporter/commentator), all need to be told to go right straight to hell.

What kills me is it was these same hypocrites who stated that Bush was practicing a modern day “McCarthyism”. Now they are making Bush look like Thomas Jefferson! But this is the Left in action. When they talk about Free Speech, they don’t support the principle of Free Speech per se. No. It is about power. To the Left, censorship is the natural order of things. It is either censor or be censored. More to the point, if they could win Free Speech for themselves, then that is the first step towards eliminating it for their adversaries. Case in point: During the mid-sixties, the New Left created the “Free Speech Movement” on college campuses. So one would be left to assume that the FSM would defend ALL speech. Not on your life! Nay, members of the FSM would try to censor Ronald Reagan by heckling his speeches when he was running for California Governor in 1966.

This is why Old Right libertarians better get a wake-up call. Pace libertarians: The New Left isn’t your philosophical ally. Nay, they only use libertarian principles like Free Speech just to advance their cause. How else do they explain Hate Crime laws, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the irrational attempts at personal destruction on a Toledo plumber and a two-bit bond analyst? Unfortunately, libertarians keep getting seduced by the Left. The first such seduction came during the 1790’s when Jefferson was fooled into backing the totalitarian French Revolution. This is why I kept my distance from the New Left when Bush was at his height when, understandably, the Justin Raimondo’s of the world wanted to build a New Left-Old Right axis to oppose the neocons. A enemy of an enemy isn’t necessarily a friend.

So from “Joe the Plumber”, to humiliating Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter, to saying that Palin’s Down Syndrome baby isn’t hers, now to Rick Santelli. The PC Obamabot liberalistas are vicious scum.

Santelli for Senate!
Chris Golden

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