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Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ liberal agenda in Congress should give all taxpayers a cause for concern

February 5, 2009

Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of liberals are using Congress to mortgage the future of our children and grandchildren by passing more than $800 billion in wasteful, big government spending. They erroneously call this an “economic stimulus,” but it really is a giant “thank you” card stuffed with cash for the many liberal groups like ACORN that worked hard to elect a liberal Congress and put Barack Obama in the White House.

South Carolinians and all Americans should be alarmed by the state of our economy and should be steadfast in doing all we can to get our economy moving again. We must create more jobs, improve salaries, and encourage free market principles of limited government and reduced spending.

The Democrat stimulus package does not stimulate the economy, it further stagnates the status quo. The very nature of their good ol’ boy rewards contradicts free market principles and the ideals of the American Dream.

Liberals will whine that we need the “economic stimulus” to improve critical infrastructure needs, enhance education, and provide for the general welfare. Yes, we should work to ensure the future roads to success are paved and the state governments remain solvent. We are all concerned about the need to improve critical infrastructure, our roads and schools. We all want to ensure that our neediest citizens get the services they need to get on their feet and become productive members of society. However, we should work to accomplish these goals through common sense and by making wise fiscal decisions, not by continuing bad government practices such as reckless spending in Washington.

To better understand Washington’s spending addiction, let’s take a look at Nancy Pelosi’s insane liberal agenda.

First, Pelosi’s Democrats attempted to add over $200 million for contraceptives and other, supposed, “family planning” services. It was only through appropriate taxpayer pressure that she withdrew the request.

Then, liberals in the House requested $335 million be spent on education for STDs. And they even pushed for $200 million for new sod on the national mall in front of the Capital.

Some Congressional leaders pointed out that Democrats attempted to give billions of dollars to ACORN by deviously including certain words and phrases in a bill. Some may remember ACORN, the left-wing activist group that had their offices raided, are currently under investigation for voter fraud, and are cited by independent reports for not appropriately keeping federal money meant for housing programs out of their political activism accounts.

Under the guise of, “neighborhood stabilization activities,” the bill provides $4 billion which can be handed out to “states, units of general local government, and nonprofit entities or consortia of nonprofit entities.” As has been reported, these nonprofit entities include ACORN. It is outrageous that our taxpayer dollars could flow to such an entity.

This bill pushes debt levels to those not seen since World War II.

There is an alternative. In a proposal promoted by House Republican Leader John Boehner and crafted by House Ways & Means Committee ranking member Dave Camp and Republican Whip Eric Cantor, our government would spend much less money than the liberal bill and would put more money in the pockets of Americans and small businesses. This would truly grow local and national economies.

Under the Republican plan, a married couple filing jointly could save up to $3,400 a year in taxes. Small businesses would see reduced taxes and be better able to expand and create new jobs. Taxes on unemployment benefits would be eliminated, so those receiving benefits can use the full amount toward living expenses.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said the House Democrats’ massive spending plan would cost more than $1.1 trillion (once interest costs are included), making it the largest spending package in American history.

The fantasy that Washington can solve all our problems by just printing money has to end. And, we must promote robust job growth and fiscal restraint in Washington so that the people of South Carolina, and our entire nation, can once again enjoy prosperity.

Carroll Campbell
President of Carroll Campbell and Associates

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  1. February 5, 2009 11:35 PM

    The first paragraph of Mr. Campbell’s pandering words suggest the rest is not worth reading. Voters are fed up with political name calling and sound bytes. Facts and objectvity are in now.

    As for fantasy, borrowing and spending by both parties while reducing taxes got us in to a deep financial hole that will take at least a decade to climb out of.

  2. Shorter Version permalink
    February 6, 2009 3:10 AM

    Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of liberals … many liberal groups like ACORN … status quo … good ol’ boy … Liberals will whine … bad government …reckless spending … Nancy Pelosi’s insane liberal agenda … Pelosi’s Democrats … liberals in the House … billions of dollars to ACORN … ACORN, the left-wing activist … voter fraud … ACORN … the House Democrats’ massive spending plan…

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