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Katon Dawson surging in race for RNC chairman

January 22, 2009

Boston Herald (Blog): The Dawson Surge

South Carolina Republican State Party Chairman Katon Dawson seems to be surging in his bid for Republican National Committee Chairman. Yesterday he received the endorsements of the entire Pennsylvania delegation. In a 168 vote contest this was a big pick up for Dawson.

Current Chairman Mike Duncan is barely leading in the count which most certainly spells disaster for his re-election. There will be several rounds of voting and as candidates drop out their votes will go to Duncan opposition. Hence, you can expect a dark horse candidate to emerge as the victor. Keep your eye on Dawson, Ken Blackwell and Saul Anuzis.

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The Hill: Katon Dawson building momentum

Aside from Duncan, vote counters expect strong showings from four other candidates. Two committee members — South Carolina Republican Party chairman Katon Dawson and Michigan GOP chief Saul Anuzis — have been building support lately, while several aides to other candidates said former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele is on the move as well.


Politico (Ben Smith’s Blog): Three more endorsements from Dawson

A GOP source tells me that Katon Dawson is picking up three votes in the RNC Chair race:

Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Rob Gleason and two of the state’s committee members, Bob Asher and Christine Toretti.

By Ben Smith 05:06 PM


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