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More Spin from Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC)

November 7, 2008

Jeffrey Sewell

By Jeffrey Sewell 

You gotta love the spinmeisters over at the Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC).  They have certainly latched onto the mantra “perception is reality” and are pushing it with a vengeance via “positive” election releases that would make Richard Simmons proud.

As you may recall, we quickly dispelled the ludicrous claim that their extremist agenda made progress via primary election “victories” and will now do so again after analyzing the general election results.

The CVSC claims to be moving toward a “conservation majority” – whatever that is – but seemingly fails to realize that they actually lost votes in the Senate and simply maintained the status quo in the House.

On the Senate side, two of their “champions” in Greg Gregory and John Drummond were replaced by Mick Mulvaney and Floyd Nicholson respectively.  The CVSC endorsed Mulvaney’s opponent and actually sent out some vicious, illegal mail against Mulvaney.  I’d imagine that won’t sit well with the Senator-elect as he ponders various CVSC supported proposals.  With regard to the Drummond seat, Floyd Nicholson was elected as a common sense, pro-business moderate – which probably explains the lack of endorsement for Mr. Nicholson.  Clearly, they aren’t counting on his support.

Additionally, the CVSC tried to take out two sitting senators – Kevin Bryant and Shane Massey – and failed on both counts.  That certainly won’t help when counting votes for their proposals.  And last, we find it quite amusing that after supporting Tom Davis’ opponent in the primary they tried to make amends via a general election endorsement.  If they want to claim victory on that race they are barking up the wrong tree.

Everything else in the Senate stayed the same.

The House election results seem to be a wash for the CVSC.  There were a number of open seats where they could have gained some dependable votes – specifically Ralph Davenport and Mick Mulvaney’s old seats – but their endorsees lost those races.  The other open seats (Bill Cotty, Creighton Coleman, Joe Mahaffey, Doug Smith and Scott Talley) were filled by candidates with viewpoints similar to the outgoing Representatives.  And while the CVSC may have gained a vote with the election of Chandra Dillard in Greenville, endorsee Wallace Scarborough lost and the lone incumbent they targeted – Don Bowen – retained his seat.

In the final analysis, despite their claim to the contrary, the CVSC anti-growth agenda gained nothing in these elections.  And that has to be somewhat disheartening given the “green” environment in which the state and country now finds itself.


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