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A Question for Senator Barack Obama on Spreading the Wealth

October 30, 2008

By Jeffrey Sewell

A Question for Senator Barack Obama on Spreading the Wealth

Senator, if you are so committed to the American people, to family then why do your relatives live in the shanty towns of Kenya and the slums of Boston?  If you want to spread the wealth, should you not lead by example?

Barack Obama’s Brother found in Kenya shanty town

Barack Obama’s Aunt found in Boston slum

Barack Obama’s Money Prior to Book Deals

Barack Obama’s 80 Million Dollar Campaign Jet and the $500,000.00 Refurb of the Boeing 757

Rev. Wright’s palatial mansion


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  1. Mary permalink
    October 31, 2008 3:29 AM

    Ask John McCain if he is so committed to helping those American’s whose home have been foreclosed why he doesn’t let some of them live in one of his many many homes. Maybe he could give jobs to some of those Americans who have lost theirs since he and his wife have millions of dollars and a beer business. I’ll bet if we went digging into McCain’s family tree, we would probably find some poor relatives that could use a helping hand. STOP with the dirty rotten politics. The days of the Republican Party as they are now, are numbered. Look at the last 8 yrs and it is evident that they are out of touch with the majority of Americans.

  2. Carrie Keis permalink
    October 31, 2008 8:15 PM

    In response to the comment comparing John McCain and his relatives–John McCain doesn’t profess the idea of spreading the wealth with or without consent of the person who owns the money. So based on McCain’s belief of free choice for one’s money, he can choose to give money to his poor relatives or not and it’s OK. Obama’s info-mericial was a big waste of money…it just shows the voters how he has no idea to conserve money. Obama’s commercial only convinced me he’s delusional. He’s setting himself up as a God…or maybe he thinks he’s Mohammed returning…the Muslim Savior. He actually fits Nostradamus’s prophecy…he would be in his 40s, wear a blue turbin, and create a fanfare following. This would all be based on falsehoods. Once the people that followed him realize what had happened, it would be too late to save the World.

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