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SCHotline Exclusive: Rod Shealy Sr. Interview Candid, Uncut, Unedited [Coming Soon]

August 6, 2008


Rod Shealy Sr.


By Jeffrey Sewell

Today Mike Green and I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with one of our friends Rod Shealy Sr.  This candid interview held at his newest venture a retro 50’s style ice cream parlor, complete with a working skeet ball challenge, classic posters of everything from Super Man to movie posters of Bogart and if you can imagine it, it’s there.  Personally I felt like a kid in this true to its conception a recreation of the soda fountain of old; this venue was all Rod Shealy!

I don’t get nervous generally if I am prepared but how do you prepare to discuss the inevitable brain surgery to remove a tumor from the person I have come to revere and most acknowledge as the most successful long running political consultant in South Carolina?  

I was nervous that we do it right and I think we did, we forgot about ourselves and just let Rod be Rod and share what he wanted.  The interview lasts some two hours with about a dozen interruptions whether they are an important cell phone call or a friend stopping by to say hello.  None of which mattered to us, this is Rod and it was a pleasure.  We will be posting the series over the next week and hope you enjoy it as much as we did and will.

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