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Tell us what is happening in the Primary today

June 10, 2008

It is that time again time the primary election is held today in South Carolina. We want to get your reports of what is going to happen and what will happen. In Columbia it already 78 degrees sunny and the high is supposed to be 100 today.

Our predictions are more incumbents will be voted out than ever before. I believe 4 house incumbents will not be re-elected. I am not sure of which ones other than Rep. Gloria Haskins will go down to Wendy Nanney. The other possible ones are Heyward Hudson in Summerville and R.B Skeleton.

Enough of my predictions and thoughts though. Let me here from you what is going on out there today. How many people are voting? What is the weather like in your part of the state? Or anything else you think might be important.

~Mike Green

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  1. Pres permalink
    June 10, 2008 2:20 PM

    At my Irmo-area polling place at 9:30, I was the 80th Republican to vote and nine Dems had voted. We don’t have in legislature primaries but there are some important county races. The turnout was a little higher than I expected.

  2. Ned @ Ivy Gates permalink
    June 10, 2008 5:45 PM

    At McCormick American Legion 4 people waiting at 7:15,
    This republican punched in a new comer for US senate and rejected the incumbant. For some reason the incumbent thinks I am a bigot because I want to close the US borders.

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