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SCHotline has obtained a signed copy of the “Common Sense Contract for Change”

May 20, 2008

SCHotline has obtained a signed copy of the “Common Sense Contract for Change” that was signed yesterday by over 20 legislative challengers. [The signed contract]

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Those candidates are:

Mike Rose, Tom Davis, Roger Nutt, Scott Singer, Katrina Shealy, Bill McKown, Sheri Few, Tim Scott, Bill Wylie, Lee Bright, Danny Stacy, Tommy Stringer, Kyle Boyd, Brad Boni, Mike Sturkie, Ed Rumsey, Joey Millwood, Joe Bustos, Shane Martin, Randy Alford, Trey Whitehurst

Here’s a copy of Bill Wylie’s press release with details:



Bill Wylie

Candidate, SC House of Representatives District 21

103 Turner Forest Lane

Simpsonville, SC 29681

(864) 419-3698


Bill Wylie, Candidate for SC House of Representatives District 21 (R), collaborates with other candidates for reform.

Greenville, SC May 19, 2008 – Bill Wylie, along with many other candidates from across the state, met at the statehouse in Columbia today to continue discussions about reform in South Carolina. As part of those ongoing discussions, a document called “A Common Sense Contract for Change” has been developed and adopted by many candidates seeking election this year. This document outlines initiatives that will fundamentally change the way business is conducted in Columbia.

Bill Wylie addressed constituents after the gathering saying, “It’s time for a change. We can’t keep doing the same things the same way with the same people and expect different results. I am running for office in South Carolina because I believe there is great potential in our state, and with practical, proven business practices we can eliminate waste, restore accountability and see South Carolina meet its potential. I am proud to stand with other like-minded candidates to see these changes happen in South Carolina.”

Focusing on taxing and spending reforms, structural reforms, judicial reforms and legislative and ethics reforms, this document begins, “As responsible citizens seeking to join the institution of public office, we pledge not only to change the direction of our state but, even more importantly, to restore the bonds of trust between our citizens and their elected representatives.”

“In our first legislative session, we will work with each other, with other legislators and with our governor to pass common sense reforms aimed at restoring the faith and trust of South Carolinians in their state government. These reforms fall within the following four broad areas:

FIRST, taxing and spending reforms to more effectively target our finite resources to core services, eliminate wasteful, pork barrel spending, and ultimately return more money to the taxpayers of South Carolina.

SECOND, structural reforms to strengthen the executive branch so that it can efficiently execute the laws passed by the General Assembly and provide appropriate checks and balances to the other two branches of state government.

THIRD, judicial reforms to increase the independence of our court system so that it is truly a co-equal branch of state government.

FOURTH, legislative and ethics reforms to lessen the influence of special interest groups, increase the participation of our citizens and enhance the autonomy and powers of local governments..”

For a complete copy of “A Common Sense Contract for Change” please contact Bill Wylie at (864) 419-3698 or

Bill Wylie is running for the SC House of Representatives in District 21. The republican primary election to fill this post will be held on June 10, 2008.

Bill Wylie

Practical Proven Leadership



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