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Witherspoon signs going up this week.

April 30, 2008

It seems that we can’t read, but then again 40% of South Carolinians can’t either. The email we received had a subject line of DUMP GRAHAM! PUT OUT SIGNS THIS WEEK! so without our morning cup of coffee we got confused and thought they were Dump Graham signs.

The Witherspoon campaign called our attention to it rather quickly. Good to see they read SC They are not dump Graham signs they are Buddy Witherspoon signs. borrrrring no news here.

We were almost finished updating this morning when we received this breaking news email. It appears this email came from Chris Oviatt who is the political director for Whitherspoon for Senate and forwarded to us from another email address. If this is true it appears the Whitherspoon campaign is going negative on Senator Graham. If anyone has seen one of these dump Lindsey signs please send us a picture and we will post it. The email we received is below.

The signs are finally here and Buddy needs your help in getting them out. If you are able and willing please let me know so I can tell you where to pick them up. We are going to try and have all of the signs up by next weekend. We have pick up points in the low country, the upstate and the midlands. If you have a truck we really need your help with the 4 X 8’s. I look forward to hearing back from all of you!

Christopher R. Oviatt

Political Director

Witherspoon for U.S. Senate 08
803-477-6903 with the word, “CANCEL” in the subject line. If you’re receiving duplicate emails from us, please email with the word, “DUPLICATE” in the subject line and I’llmake every effort to rectify the situation.

If you’ve received this email but do not wish to receive further information and updates in the efforts to rid our state and country of the traitor, Lindsey Graham, please email

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  1. May 13, 2008 7:12 PM

    Sorry for the confusion!

    I should have had my morning cup of coffee before I forwarded the emails.



  1. Witherspoon campaign e-mails: Graham a traitor | The Palmetto Scoop

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