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Live Blog from Myrtle Beach Dems debate

January 22, 2008

mike-green.jpgMike Green will be LIVE blogging in Myrtle Beach tonight at the Philip’s Seafood.

I just saw Joe Erwin who will be in the spin room for Obama. He somehow got in the media center. I directed him to the right people who could get him to the spin room.

……I love Myrtle Beach they are great with hospitality. They gave us some great food and lots of goodies. There is only one problem and it is cold here.

It seems that everyone is going after Obama. He seems to be handling himself well but he is starting to show some frustration with these questions. I believe Clinton comes across as harsh and means.

Wow wait just a sec… Obama just slapped Hillary with the line you were sitting on the board of Wal-Mart while I was in the streets of Chicago.

WOAH!!! NOW Clinton strikes back. She just called Obama a lawyer representing a slum-lord in Chicago.

Edwards just mentioned exactly what I was thinking. Is this a two person debate or are there three people in the debate? Thank John Edward for reminding us you are still there.

Hey CNN I have a question for you to ask. Is cutting you hair a race issue?

Edwards just took on the predatory lending companies and all I can say is WAY TO GO EDWARDS. Put these scumbag institutions out of business.

It seems that we are backed to the boring part of the debate now. They are arguing about some small point that no one cares about.

Hillary just went after Obama again. This is starting to get really HOT.

Does everything in this debate have to be about race?

I have went over to the debate hall. We are getting ready to go into the spin room. The volunteers are getting their signs together and the spin is about to begin.

BTW, SCETV has invited me back to comment on the Democrats’ primary on the 26. So tune in to ETV from 8-10PM and watch me take on Roxanne Walker again.

Inez Tenenbaum just came in. She is here for the Obama campaign.

We are nearing the end of the debate and I am starting to get immune to the constant slamming of Republicans.

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