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SCHotline Exclusive: 7 Mins With Rudy Giuliani National Communications Director: Katie Levinson

October 25, 2007

By Jeffrey Sewell []

Katie Levinson: Rudy Giuliani National Communications Director [Bio] [Audio]

Katie Levinson currently serves as Communications Director to the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Campaign. Levinson is responsible for all aspects of strategic communications, managing a staff of over twenty including the press office, rapid response team, war room, regional press operation and nationwide surrogate activity. Levinson also serves as the campaign’s chief spokeswoman appearing in national, international and local broadcast and print media. The Washington Post called Levinson “…a major recruit in the 2008 presidential staff sweepstakes.”

Immediately before joining the Giuliani campaign, Levinson served as Communications Director for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s historic landslide re-election victory in California. Levinson was responsible for all strategic and day-to-day communication for the campaign. The communications operation Levinson ran in California was described in the San Francisco Chronicle as “among the most technologically advanced and effective… ever seen in the state” and the Washington Post remarked the campaign “drew wide praise in the political world.”

Prior to the Schwarzenneger re-election campaign, Levinson served as Director of Television at the White House where she was the primary liaison and spokesperson for all television network executives, anchors and producers. As a senior member of the White House Communications team, Levinson was involved in a wide range of issues including foreign policy and the war on terror, the economy, Supreme Court confirmations and crisis communications.

Before serving in the White House, Levinson was the Director of Broadcast Media and senior spokesperson for the Republican National Committee (RNC) during President Bush’s successful bid for re-election in 2004. During her tenure at the RNC, Levinson oversaw a national and regional television operation, directed a multi-million dollar operating budget, and managed media relations for both the Republican National Convention in New York and each Presidential and Vice Presidential debate.

Levinson has also spent time as a political producer with MSNBC in New York and worked in the public affairs firm of Hill and Knowlton in Washington , counseling Fortune 500 corporations on media outreach and issue advocacy strategies.

Levinson began her Washington career in the office of her hometown Congressman, Christopher Shays, of Connecticut. Working her way up from answering the telephones in his office, Levinson was appointed Shays’ Communications Director serving as primary spokesperson and managing strategic communications in both the congressional and campaign offices.

Originally from New Canaan, Connecticut, Levinson holds a Masters degree with honors in Public Policy and Administration from the London School of Economics and earned her Bachelors Degree summa cum laude from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York . [Audio Link]


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  1. Anthony La Marca permalink
    October 25, 2007 1:49 PM

    Hi, Thanks for the e-mail. I thought this site would give me some update on Rudy Giuliani, however it looked more as if you were running! We moved to Pawleys Island from the New York, Nj area 6 years ago.Working in New York City for many many years, I can tell you first hand of the excellent job Rudy did for New York and what the streets were like before and after. Not to mention the job he did during 911. Never the less I feel the site should tell the people more about Giuliani…Thanks for the opportunity…

  2. October 25, 2007 2:01 PM


    Thanks for the post, getting to know the members of the team behind the candidate can give us valuable insight into the candidate and the campaign itself. My take from this interview and our sit down with Rick Wiley is that this is a very mature and coordinated team. Well hopefully be speaking with other top tier teams in the coming days.

  3. October 26, 2007 3:30 AM

    So Rudy surrounds himself with liberals to match his liberal mindset. An interesting aside but why this is pushed out on the SCHotline mailing list like it is real news is a mystery.

  4. mark permalink
    October 26, 2007 1:53 PM

    I do not like Mr.Giuliani from New York or Hillary of New York.Neither one should be nominated but with Bill coming to Spartanburg on Monday,he will boost her credibility.Mayor Giuliani was a good prosecutor before he became Mayor.He was not a great Mayor as he did not balance the City Budget,he did a good job with petty crime statistics etc. but he made a big mistake on Sept.11 as the emergency communications center was in a building next to the Trade Center towers and it was destroyed.He was advised previously not to put it there on a high floor in a building with a fuel based generator.Hillary is no better than Bill as she tries to triangulate her way to a historic win.She does not deserve to be President based on what Bill did or did not do.Her vote to authorize the President’s Iraq incursion is proof of her inability to accept responsibility for a mistake. South Carolina plays a minimal role in Presidential politics,has a history of dirty tricks whether it was against Senator McCain or the southern strategy formed by the late Harry Dent and Strom Thurmond. A bit more education here of how a few powerful folks manipulate South Carolina politics would be an improvement. But,if this site just wants to talk with perky communications directors of candidates,I will take a pass and go get a plate of barbeque at the Beacon. later,mark

  5. October 26, 2007 3:33 PM

    Despite what some might think, politicos like Katie are not a dime a dozen, they are the drivers that get the candidate to the finish line. The Karen Hughes of the world are much underestimated and appreciated, at the end of the day the candidate gets the praise if they the drivers have done their job.

  6. nanette piccirillo permalink
    October 29, 2007 5:00 PM

    Katie is an asset to the Guilani campaign. It is good to hear about the staff members. Regarding, Guilani himself. I am a South Carolinian having lived in NY for 10 years. While in NY, I witnessed what a great job Mayor Guiliani did for the city and the state. He reduced crime, decreased the homeless and panhandlers, cleaned the sleaze and porn from a major city/world attraction, Times Square, and increased and supported all law & fire personnel. He demonstrated great leadership throughout his tenure as Mayor. When our nation was attacked on 9-11, Guiliani showed leadership with poise and grace during one of the most difficult times of our country. My belief is,if he can manage a major city such as NY with the sheer population, number of ethnicities,budget constraints,etc he can do USA.

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