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SCHotline has seen an advance copy of a speech that is to be given on Tuesday by Lt. Governor Andre Bauer

September 9, 2007

SC Hotline was shown, by a presidential 08 campaign staff worker, a copy of a speech that is to be given on Tuesday by Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, and we can report that it is an eye opener. Entitled “Seniors: One third of the vote, none of the debate… it contains blunt and frank language wherein the Lt. Governor calls out by name presidential contenders for their lack of responsiveness to senior issues. He then urges them to present their responses to the voters of SC.

Ranging from senior specific issues, to general tax policy, to government reform, the speech is reflective of Bauer’s enthusiasm for senior issues. He illustrates the significance of the senior vote as the most important voting bloc in SC and strongly suggests that candidate should take this bloc seriously, or lose it and the election.

The speech seemed at times more personal than we have seen previously from Bauer. He quotes from the bible, talks about his family, and makes a pledge to seniors, all the while making the case for increased conversation about seniors and their issues by use of fact, figures and in-depth policy discussion.

The address is to be given in the House Chambers at the Capital Building in Columbia on Tuesday at 1:30. Just before the speech there will be an open house in the Senate Chambers at 12.00. The public is invited.



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