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Most hateful Graham brochure I have ever seen

August 29, 2007

When I get bored I attend some GOP executive committee meetings across the state. Since it was close and I had nothing better to do I thought I would hear Sen. Graham speak at the Richland County GOP meeting.

I always try to observe everything that is going on. Sometimes you can miss things that are taking place because you are talking with a friend about something that happened in the news that day. That was not going to happen tonight I was prepared and so was Senator Graham. He brought his own cheering section to the meeting. I would say about 10 staffers attended the meeting along with other supporters who came just to support Senator Graham. Unlike other meetings I have attended there were no people holding up signs “Go home Lindsey” or “No support for Grahamstey.”

What I did observe was a Senator who framed almost every issue perfectly and enjoys the verbal joust with people who disagree with him. Sen. Graham spoke for about 20 minutes on the need to continue our fight in Iraq then he concluded his comments with immigration reform. This is where several people in the audience started questioning him and he became very passionate.

“Anyone can talk about the issue but I want to solve the issue.” he said when someone shouted, “Just deport them!”

The shocker of the night was a brochure I received from someone in the audience. I believe this is one of the most hateful and angry brochures I have ever seen. I am all for negative campaigning but I will not cross the line and compare a Senator with the “The Devil you know.”

Do I disagree with Senator Graham on some issues? Yes, but does he deserve to be treated like this in a brochure. I don’t think so. Here is the brochure so you can decide for yourself if this is over the line. The front and the back



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  1. Brandon permalink
    August 29, 2007 1:36 PM

    Pass the jam, he’s toast.

  2. Lucy permalink
    August 29, 2007 1:49 PM

    Graham is showing true leadership by trying to solve the problem. All of the racist idiots who are hysterical about immagration dont understand the complexity of the issue. Putting thousands of businesses out of business, creating a greater glut in the housing market, and forcing more jobs to go offshore will wreck the economy. Graham will be our Senator for the next six years and beyond because he sees through all of the hype and wants to solve the problem an not make it worse.

  3. August 29, 2007 5:52 PM

    “When I get bored I attend some GOP executive committee meetings.”

    Goodness! Those meetings are a cure for insomnia. And down here it’s like visiting the senior center.

    This isn’t the most hateful thing I’ve seen about Graham. I’ve seen some real slime directed at him.

    Graham made a huge strategic error in championing the Kennedy compromise on immigration and he has to pay the price. I’m glad to see he has gotten back on track.

    I’m disappointed though that his office has yet to send me the language of the border security amendment he got through the last Senate session. How can we say nice things when Graham does the right thing if they won’t even bother to answer their email?

  4. August 29, 2007 8:40 PM

    Creative, funny and deadly accurate.

    What’s not to love?

  5. August 29, 2007 11:05 PM

    Below is the TRUTH about Lindsey Graham. Facts, not Spin.



    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    SCGOP: If Graham’s The Best We’ve Got To Offer, Then Frankly, We Suck.

    Some tough reflection yields the following: If Lindsey Graham is the best that the South Carolina GOP can offer in 2008, then we’re in a world of hurt, friends. Strom Thurmond and Carroll Campbell must roll over in their graves when Mr. Graham bows to Ted Kennedy and plays footsies with Hillary Clinton.

    The SC Democrat Party has made it clear that if it appears Graham is safe in 2008, they won’t pitch a strong Democrat candidate. That sounds good until you hear the reason: They love Lindsey Graham, and consider him a practicing Democrat!

    Mr. Graham has been censured by the Greenville County GOP, and dodged the same fate in Spartanburg only because the county chairman there used archaic technical procedures to prevent a vote on a proposed censure. More censures are in the works across the state. It is clear that Mr. Graham has lost the confidence of those he is supposed to represent.

    It’s time to identify a viable challenger for Graham in 2008. So, Katon Dawson, get moving and produce a true conservative candidate. It’s your job!

    Just to recap Mr. Graham’s record in serving the people who elected him, consider the following:

    1) Co-wrote the failed Amnesty Bill of 2007 in a secret, back-room deal with Ted Kennedy, Harry Reed and Graham’s personal puppeteer, John McCain.

    2) After numerous polls, tens of thousands of phone calls and emails, and hundreds of talk show callers TOLD HIM that THE VAST MAJORITY of South Carolinians wanted him to stop supporting the ill-conceived Amnesty Bill, he turned a deaf ear. Instead, he called you, the citizens of South Carolina, “a few loud people”, and then he absolutely ignored you. On the day the bill died, on the floor of the Senate, Jim DeMint asked Lindsey Graham, “What part of NO don’t you understand?”. Thankfully, 53 Senators finally decided to listen to us, the citizens, and killed the tragically flawed Amnesty bill.

    3) As the bill was spiraling to its death, he stood on the Senate floor and cried for the criminal aliens. He lambasted those who disagreed with his position. He DID NOT CRY for the millions of US citizens who can’t earn a decent wage because of the millions of criminals who snuck into our country. In fact, he never mentioned them.

    4) Called Teddy “Splash” Kennedy “One of the most principled men I’ve ever met.” It is the overwhelming view among South Carolinians that “Splash” Kennedy is one of the most despicable, liberal men to ever walk the earth, a man personally responsible for a large portion of America’s current Welfare State, and a man who walked away from a car accident and left his passenger, a young college student, to drown to death. To Lindsey Graham, he is a hero. And this man, South Carolina, is your Senior United States Senator.

    5) Called you, the citizens of South Carolina, “bigots” because you disagreed with him on his, Ted Kennedy’s, and John McCain’s Amnesty Bill. You believed we should enforce the law. He believed we should grant amnesty to 12 Million criminal trespassers in our country. He stood in front of LaRaza, one of the most racist organizations in the world, praised them lavishly, pandered to them, cried huge tears of despair for these poor immigrants (who BROKE THE LAW and CONTINUE TO BREAK THE LAW) and then told them, a room full of racist liberals, that you, South Carolinians, were the bigots!

    6) In the wake of 9/11, DID NOT FOCUS ON MAKING SOUTH CAROLINIANS MORE SECURE. Instead, Lindsey Graham focused on protecting the rights of the terrorists. He wrote the bill that extended rights to terrorists equal to those of United States citizens! He stood on the floor of the Senate and cried for the terrorists who were being aggressively interrogated. He called the US Military barbarians. And, unbelievably, he went all the way to the US Supreme Court to defend known terrorist Salim Ahmed Hamdan. Folks, this is YOUR UNITED STATES SENATOR!

    7) In answer to the point blank question, “What is your job as a US Senator,” Lindsey Graham answered, “My job as a US Senator is to work with the Democrats.” That’s a direct quote folks. Your Senior Senator believes that you elected him and sent him to Washington to work with the Democrats!

    In fact, Mr. Graham has repeatedly said that he doesn’t worry about what his constituents have to say, and that he is not worried about getting re-elected. He has often said that by and large, the folks in South Carolina aren’t smart enough to understand what’s going on in Washington, and that he must protect us from our own ignorance.

    9) Participated vigorously as a member of the infamous Gang of 14, who used archaic Senate procedures to strip conservative Republican’s rights. South Carolinians overwhelmingly disagreed with Graham, and inundated him with calls, letters, emails and faxes. As expected, Mr. Graham ignored his constituents and fell in line with John McCain and the Democrats.

    10) Wrote a glowing article about Hillary Clinton for Time Magazine in April 2006, and partnered with Ms. Clinton on numerous bills that were vehemently opposed by the majority of South Carolinians. “She has been great to work with,” Mr. Graham told FoxNews’ Cal Thomas.

  6. August 30, 2007 7:22 PM

    Over the line? No profanity, no attacking of Graham’s personal life, no attacking of his family… Are you familiar with something we call “politics”? I think it’s just calling out Graham on his documented record and throwing in a little humor to do it. I hope you wrote this with sarcasm intended, because if you think that’s hateful, ya’ll need to get out more.

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