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Rex “Need discpline in schools: hire guidance counselors”

August 16, 2007

Reading the morning papers I came across this interesting article in the Herald Journal.

In the article our State Superintendent of Education, Jim Rex, talks about how he is going to curb discipline problems in the classroom. What is his solution? Hire more guidance counselors and other team member. In his own words he says discpline problems are “… a lack of connectedness in many cases.”

Bull! It is because of liberals who want to coddle children and not kick them out of school when they bring a bomb into the school. Or when teachers try to discipline the students they are not backed up by the administration. Discipline is the number 1 issue facing our schools today and we need to do more about it then just hire guidance counselors to talk to the students.

Rex also has concerns about increased gang activity and suggests the team concept can help curb discipline problems in schools. For example, where many middle schools offer “team teaching” – in which a certain group of students rotates between a few teachers for their core subject areas – Rex suggests guidance counselors, social workers and other mentors be added to the team, so at-risk students can get as much positive attention as possible.

“It’s a lack of connectedness in many cases,” he said.

“A lot of students feel they don’t have a sense of family, a sense of security or protection. I’d like to come up with a team approach to create a positive gang, a constructive gang.”


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