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Update from Ames, Iowa

August 11, 2007

Iowa can be summed up in one word and that word is HOT! The temperature is about 97 degrees here. There are semi-trucks making deliveries of ice and water.

As we walking around looking for some food to eat. (You would think that wouldn’t be hard but of course there are long lines everywhere). We heard something we thought was odd. The Battle Hymn of the Republic being played from the Mitt Romney stage. Oh yes, we are sure that every true South Carolinian would take great offense at that just as much as every northerner would take offense at Dixie being played.

The candidates are finally speaking and Romney is the first speaker.

He just got off a good one liner about John Edwards. Romney stated Edwards wanted middle class income people to save $250 tax free. Romney stated that was not much to save and in the case of Edwards it wouldn’t even pay for one haircut.

……He wants a new law for people who prey sexually on children and that is one strike and your ours.

Tom Tancredo is speaking and I all hear is blah, blah, Blahhh

The only rule I am going to have in a Tancredo administration is “We win, you loose.”

This is our flag, take it up. This is our nation take it back.

John Cox is now speaking and all I can say is great he is finally done. He came out to the tune of Rocky.

Now we have Congressman Ron Paul.

The first thing I saw on my way to Aimes was about 500 yard signs that were being picked up by a Iowa state trooper.


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