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SC Hotline live at Iowa straw poll

August 11, 2007 is proud to announce we will be live at the Iowa straw poll. We will be bringing you video updates from the straw poll throughout the day coursty of YouTube videos and our own blog. Other SC websites can only talk about the straw poll we will show you what it is like to be there.

Our first report is of the setup up of the straw poll itself. It seemed to be going rather well for all of the candidates. I would encourage you to check out for a map of the grounds. From what I could tell already Mitt Romney’s area is the biggest and the most centrally located. He is in front of all of the other candidates area and Sen. Brownback is next to him. Mitt Romney’s area has a rock concert stage setup with a big sign of Mitt ’08 for a backdrop. They have a rock climbing wall and also some type of Bungee jumping ride along with the best BBQ in Iowa.

Sam Brownback is the only candidate to have an air conditioned tent. The rumor is he had to be $20,000 for this feature. This will be a BIG plus for him as the weather forcast is scheduled to reach 97 degrees today. Although it will be cooler than South Carolina this is hot for Iowa. All of the events except for the program is outside. All of the other candidates are in the back of the parking lot.

Mike Huckabee’s tent is complete with a dunking tank. Duncan Hunter’s area only has a lone RV camper in it. John Cox’s area has the smallest area of any of the candidates I have seen so far. These areas on the grounds go for $17,000 and update with some costing as much as $100,000. I don’t know how much John Cox paid for his area but it has probably got to me on the low side. Then there is Tommy Thompson’s tent which is bordered with campaign signs. Last but not least is Ron Paul’s area. He has a large area and had a big tent up already.

One side note is the amount of golf carts at each tent as well. Romney’s tent has about 50 golf carts to transport people around. I have been told campaigns are hyper organized they have lists of people who are going to vote for them, buses who will take people to Aimes and then war rooms to track people who have and have not voted for them.

We will be leaving for the straw poll it about 30 minutes now. We will have more updates once we get there.

Live from Des Moines, Iowa Mike Green reporting for
There is no tent for John McCain or Rudy Giuliana they are not playing here at the straw poll.


Continuing on observations we have heard. We are now prediciting from the crowd and the size of the tents. We are predicting that Brownback will come in second place. He seems to have the best organized of all the other second tier candidates.


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