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Breaking News: Chellis to fire Henry White upon being named Treasurer

August 2, 2007

Breaking News: Chellis to fire Henry White upon being named Treasurer

SCHotline has learned from credible sources that one of Converse Chellis’s first actions as Treasurer will be firing Henry White.

Henry White, who became the first African-American in state history to occupy the post of Executive Director of the S.C. Budget and Control Board in January, is supposedly on the General Assembly’s guillotine because of his ties and friendship with Governor Mark Sanford.

White, 45, an attorney, has served in Gov. Sanford’s administration for the past four years as Chief Legal Counsel and more recently as Chief of Staff as well. White was named to his position with the Budget and Control Board after Governor Sanford, Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom, and then Treasurer Thomas Ravenel voted in favor of naming White Executive Director.

This is the second day in a row in which Chellis has been the subject of rampant rumors around the State House.

Yesterday, learned that Chellis had been the subject of a lawsuit because an ex-business partner of his alleged of his improper conduct towards women and of his embezzlement of company finances.

Will the Good Ol’ Boy system reign supreme and stick with their man Chellis, or will these rumors cause leadership to rethink their selection.



Oran P. Smith – August 2, 2007
These accusations aside, we should think hard about the future of two truly outstanding South Carolinians who happen to be African-American,TIM SCOTT and HENRY WHITE.

Unfortunately, TIM SCOTT won’t be elected Treasurer. If a Screening Commission were to be established, as Spartanburg businessman Lee Bright suggested to me today, maybe Mr. Scott would have gotten up to the plate. But it is not to be. Still, as everyone in Charleston knows, South Carolina needs Tim Scott in a prominent role statewide. (Tim has served ably in public office for over a decade, most recently as Chairman of Charleston County Council, and is one of the founders of Palmetto Family Council.)

HENRY WHITE could also be facing a future of being underutilized. Will legislative members and Chellis sack White from his position as Executive Director of the state Budget & Control Board? That would also be a loss to the state.

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  1. Maurice Varner permalink
    August 2, 2007 5:50 PM

    If White did not do anything ,HE should not be fired,
    thats a bunch of you know what
    Maurice Varner

  2. Margaret Brown permalink
    August 2, 2007 6:00 PM

    When will the General Assembly understand that the people of South Carolina elected Mark Sanford overwhelming twice and they would like to have Mark’s value put in place?

  3. Steve Johnson permalink
    August 2, 2007 6:14 PM

    This is almost as bad as the U.S. Congress. When will the General Assembly quit hanging on to their good ‘ol boy system and actually try to get things done? I’ve worked with Henry White before, and he has done an excellent job in all of his endevours. Firing him because he is a friend of Sanford’s makes about as much sense as having the state controlled by one body (i.e. the legislature). It’s 2007. Wake up people!

  4. David O permalink
    August 2, 2007 6:41 PM

    I am officially an Independent because of the good ole boy politics we are getting from our republican majority in Columbia. Their hatred of Sanford and their liberal ways are going to put the democrats back in the driver’s seat come next election.

    For 12 years I have served as my local precinct president or executive committeeman, worked the presidential primary elections, worked as a poll watcher for republican candidates, and served as a delegate to the county and SC State Republican Convention. I worked hard in the last primary against our incumbent RINO state rep. By slinging mud and promising to bring home the bacon, the RINO won again. (His dad was the democrat party chairman in our county for years, and the apple don’t fall far from the tree.)I was so sick of the liberal RINOs that I didn’t even show up for precinct reorganization this year. Why work to get tax and spend liberal elected, when we can get them for free.

  5. finley peter dunne permalink
    August 2, 2007 6:44 PM

    The legislature, particularly the House and its arrogant leaden “leadership,” can be counted upon to undo anything that doesn’t benefit them personally. If they can take a shot at Gov. Sanford or one of his appointees, they’ll do it and will manufacture a reason.

  6. David O permalink
    August 2, 2007 6:44 PM

    I am officially an Independent because of the good ole boy politics we are getting from our republican majority in Columbia. I worked hard in the last primary against our incumbent RINO state rep. Sadly, by slinging mud and promising to bring home the bacon, the RINO won again. (His dad was the democrat party chairman in our county for years, and the apple don’t fall far from the tree.)

    For 12 years I have served as my local precinct president or executive committeeman, work the presidential primary election, was a pole watcher for republican candidates, and served as a delegate to the county and SC State Republican Convention. But NO more. I am so sick of the liberal RINOs that I didn’t even show up for precinct reorganization. Why work to get tax and spend liberals, when we can get them for free.

  7. August 2, 2007 6:47 PM

    The office of State Treasurer demands an honest and respected leader of impeccable character and qualifications. For the legislators to ignore that and put a questionable person of the good ‘ol boy system in office would be irresponsible and unforgivable. I hope our legislators have come to realize that “we the people” have had enough of politics as usual. If not, let’s send them a message they will understand when next they seek re-election.

  8. Ann permalink
    August 2, 2007 6:51 PM

    Sanford (his agenda) was re-elected buy a huge margin. Any move to undermine his agenda as outlined in his campaign is a slap in the face to the people of South Carolina. The people voted for Sanford’s agenda and they deserve to get it. We will not forget those who try deny us what is rightfully ours. Such power grabs as in the replacement of the State Treasurer must be eliminated! It is blatant abuse. Sanford gets an A+ when it comes to his approach on making state government accountable to the people.
    SC needs some Constitutional overhaul in several areas such as;
    Retention of judges, SC is one of only 2 states in the nation where the people have no voice in the retention of judges.
    Adjutant General needs to be appointed & accountable to the Governor, (Must our Governor beg for assistance in the midst of crisis. Ever considered “Commander & Chief”?) SC is the only state where the AG is elected and not accountable to anyone.
    We need recall votes for treasonous or incompetent elected officials.
    The Budget & Control Board has more closely resembled a pimp of the states people and resources than the watch dog it is supposed to be. It should just go!
    I used to wonder why some folks in SC live like they do with such rich heritage but after watching our “public servants” the reasons have become pretty clear. The folks in power will fight the people tooth and nail to maintain the under class just as it is.
    You “boys” at the state house do the right thing or get out of town! Go do your dirty work elsewhere! Venezuela or Cuba might be a fit.
    To the people of SC, The old must go! They have proven that too few have reverence for the great forefathers and those sacrifices that formed this state. They have proven that self-control and public servitude died in a previous generation. There are real leaders waiting in the wings. At the next election let’s have a real “revolution”. Take back your state. Vote for a servant, not the party “good ol’ boys”.

  9. BillyE permalink
    August 3, 2007 1:02 AM

    Wow…the Governor’s office has been working overtime. Each and every one of the above post are “on message”.
    Sanford is fighting the “good ole boy” system for us little people.hahahaha…goog work boys. Joel Sawyer must have been writing all afternoon.

    I wanna puke. That pompus Governor cares not one whip about us. Everything he does is to make him look good on a nationl platform as a candidate for VP.

    By fighting with the general assembly is has created the illusion of a crusader or maverick…but really he is just out of touch and he DOES NOT MATTER. We are a state without a governor…and it is by his choice. He threw us overoboard so he can be VP.

  10. Randy permalink
    August 3, 2007 1:35 AM

    MArk Sanford has really sunk…and sunk low. He should be ashamed of his dirty politics.

  11. Bill Clasko permalink
    August 3, 2007 5:33 AM

    The last two posts are indicative of those who want to keep South Carolina and it’s people “in our place” (last). The main criticism I have, and continue to air about Mark Sanford is he’s TOO easy going. He needs to get a belly-full of Thurmond-Like fire, and take on the General ASS-sembly asking the people to make life as uncomfortable for those pot-bellies as possible until they either resign OR like Tennessee did back in 1968, throw ALL the rascals out.

    But we as a people have to get beyond the idea that as South Carolinians we are less deserving of the good life than the rest of the 49 state citizenry.

  12. Wallace permalink
    August 3, 2007 9:57 AM

    Bill Clasko,

    What a silly, and typical post from a Mark Sanford “plant”. You guys in the governor’s office are working late tonight.

    Of course, who cannot agree with your point that change is needed. Except the sign of a sober and mature leader is realizing which battles can be fought and won. Sanford lobs bombs from the outside, and expects those wounded by the bombs to work with him. He is the Al Qaeda of SC polities.

    All we ask for is someone that can MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN. A 12 years old can moan and bitch…but we need an adult that is actually interested in SC…not only in his chances at being VP.

  13. August 3, 2007 10:14 AM

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  14. Lucy permalink
    August 3, 2007 1:56 PM

    If what is reported here happens, I will put all of my resorces and time to focust on getting rid of the jerks in the Legislature who are holding our state back. They might win the day but they will loose the war. Surely the members of the legislature dont believe that our citizens will sit back and take this lying down.

  15. David O permalink
    August 3, 2007 2:21 PM

    You good ole boys can call Sanford supporters plants if you like, it just shows your arrogance. I guess that the majority of SC voters are Sanford plants too, because an overwhelming majority of SC voters elected him for a second term. Although I do not work for Sanford, I would be glad to be a plant for him anytime.

  16. Jeffrey Young permalink
    August 3, 2007 4:15 PM

    All we can do is pray that the Yankees come down here and fix things again.

  17. Wallace permalink
    August 4, 2007 1:48 PM

    David O,
    Sounds like Sanford has already planted you, but deep.

    But remember, he will dump you just as quickly as he dumped his token Mr. Scott. Being Mark Sanford’s friend is a very hard thing to be…ask the scores of people in the general assembly and around the state, all that signed on to a cause to reform state government, only to find out it was a movement by Mark Sanford, for Mark Sanford, about Mark Sanford.

  18. John Bynum permalink
    August 4, 2007 8:55 PM

    It’s a shame when those qualified for the job are passed over and the job is given to the most popular. It’s indicament of the culture as a a whole. At my job for example, the boss gives favor to his two sons and everybody else has to pick up the slack. No one benefits. The people that don’t earn it don’t appreciate it and the people who should be rewarded are punished.

    John B.

  19. Chum Runner permalink
    August 5, 2007 1:26 AM

    If you want a senator who won’t cowtow to special interests, then vote for Chris Corley in the Senate District 25 special election residents of Aiken, Saluda, Edgefield and McCormick counties!


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