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Week Long Democrat Invasion of South Carolina continues…

July 27, 2007


College Democrat Ground Troops take over USC for weekend…

 For the past week, the Democratic Party has temporarily moved to South Carolina. With Monday night’s debate at The Citadel in Charleston and the College Democrats of America holding their national Convention at the University of South Carolina, South Carolina Democrats are having one of their best weeks ever.

 El Cid was not its typical self on Monday night. Instead of order, there was chaos as expected with YouTube playing host. The Democratic Presidential Candidates used the back drop of the Citadel, steeped in military tradition, to Bush Bash, take shots at the war and play the Panda Bear game, that is who can pander more.

 The same dog and pony show has moved to Columbia. The rhetoric has been sharpened and it’s like a liberal butcher shop, full of red meat for the Democrat ground troops, the College Democrats of America.

While Obama girl was in Charleston, she was not Baracking students’ worlds at the Russell House in Columbia. In her place were Obama Rappers giving a hip hop introduction for the Illinois Senator, only for the Senator himself to give a speech that fueled the flames of the ultra liberal students.

Obama’s remarks sounded like the he was running for Student Body President not President of the United States. He made countless promises from Universal Health Care to lower tuitions and lower Student Loan Rates, yet never spoke about how he was going to implement those programs or how he was going to pay for them. Instead, he chose to move on to Bush Bashing and pander to the delegates at the College Democrats of America national convention.

A simple look at the College Democrats agenda shows that the same ratio of time will be allotted to the same topics from Monday night when the Democrats spend forty minutes talking about reparations and same sex marriages and barely forty seconds talking about taxes.

This is evident in the caucuses that make up the College Democrats of America, they have a Gay Lesbian Transsexual Caucus, as well as African American, Hispanic, Asian American, and Disability, and Women’s caucuses. Here’s my question, if you are a straight, white male democrat and at the CDA convention, who do you caucus with?

Anyways, the Russell House is abuzz and all of this Democratic activity is great for South Carolina’s economy. I know the restaurants and hotels in Charleston showed off their world famous hospitality Monday night and I’m sure the bars in Five Points will be thankful for having an extra thousand college students in town during the summer.

If you want to go check it out, the Dems are at the Russell House Friday and Saturday with John Edwards speaking Friday night at Davis Field, next to the Russell House. Saturday rostrum includes Hillary Clinton, Mike Gravel, and Dennis Kucinich just before lunch.



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