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The Aiken Standard is to be commended for recently publishing two front page articles about illegal aliens in our midst.

July 16, 2007

The Aiken Standard is to be commended for recently publishing two front page articles about illegal aliens in our midst. The level of interest in illegal immigration and illegal aliens among the politically engaged in Aiken is a story that has been either missed or ignored by the CSRA’s mainstream media.

A vast majority of all the questions posed to Aiken County Sheriff Mike Hunt after he finished his comments to the Aiken Republican Club on January 15 had to do with illegal aliens and illegal immigration. The first question asked of U.S. Senator Jim DeMint after he finished his comments to the Aiken Republican Club on February 19 was, “What are your views on illegal immigration?” Another attendee asked him different questions on the same subject.

While some people would argue that we should be compassionate to illegal aliens, I refer to a February 16, 2007 report by the Editors of The Family Security Foundation, Inc., which estimates that illegal aliens murder 2,158 Americans every year, killing more Americans than the Iraq war.(1) Where was compassion when these American citizens were slain?

According to an April 2006 Report for Congress — Immigration Law Sanctions and Enforcement in Selected Foreign Countries — “Japan and Switzerland are effective in enforcing immigration laws because illegal immigration is viewed as harmful.”(2) The American people sense that illegal aliens are harming us, but since firm numbers are hard to come by, we simply do not understand the toll that they are taking, especially on education, health care and law enforcement.

We would be well served to know the comprehensive costs of illegal aliens on the state of South Carolina. In the letter I drafted for selected State Representatives and Senators last year, I cited a number of statistics, including these:

· A July 26, 2005 report from the Pew Hispanic Center

o stated that South Carolina was one of six states with the highest rate of increase in Hispanic populations of any states in the U.S. between 1990 and 2000 (211% increase) and

o estimated that the “undocumented population” in South Carolina numbered between 20,000 and 35,000.(3)

· A March 24, 2006 PowerPoint presentation by William H. Frey of The University of Michigan and the Brookings Institution showed that South Carolina had the third “Fastest Hispanic Growth” between 2000-2004.(4)

Sheriff Hunt and Jon Ozmint, who serves as head of the S.C. Department of Corrections, have both told me that the illegal alien issue must be solved on the federal level. Starletta Hairston, a former Beaufort County Council member who pushed to enact a county policy there to deny licenses to businesses that employ illegal aliens, said, “When the federal government drops the ball on enforcing immigration laws, it’s up to the local governments to protect the taxpayers.”(5) Because Aiken County issues no business licenses, one or more alternative methods of enforcement must be used if the County wishes to follow Beaufort County’s lead.

I interpret the level of interest in illegal aliens among Aiken’s politically engaged to mean that they want for the federal government to take definitive action to stop the invasion. Note: the invasion must be stopped, not disregarded, reduced or renamed. We live in a representative constitutional republic and it is time for our federal elected officials to stand steadfastly for our national sovereignty and the Constitution that they took an oath to preserve, protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.(6) Actions must be taken at all levels: federal, state and local.


Vicki L. Simons

(803) 652-0923








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