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Rick Beltram and his war with Ron Paul

July 7, 2007


Thank you for your prompt response.

However, your basic premise on last year’s deal with Larry Hutchins and today’s notes are void of many of the important and rational details that led to my decisions……

There is NO place in our land that has had MORE GOP Presidential candidates visit than here…..that has NOT happened because we close our doors or think in “small tent” terms.

We have aggressively recruited ALL candidates. Dr. Paul IGNORED all of our invitations from Jan-May 2007.(see your reporters for the details)

Why is it not applauded by the editorial board that we have provided your readers with excellent opportunities.

Your readers have had more “taste” of National Politics and your reporters have had more opportunities because Rick Beltram and the County GOP have been willing to “think outside the box”.

Our efforts are FREQUENTLY reported by the National Media. We have put SPARTANBURG on the political map.

However, we have definitely had an impact on slowing the process of RINOs here ( those who simply want to run on our ballot)

…….see Greenville County…..the County GOP has been frequently chastised for losing control of County Govt. The Dems have made huge inroads in Greenville BECAUSE the County Party has had no “backbone”

I would appreciate a more complete and accurate Editorial in the next few days.

I very much want to be criticized when I am wrong (I have very thick skin). However, it is a whole another matter when you are guilty of omission.

Notice the GREAT thank you notes received from the Dr. Paul folks! ALL other areas are still shunning Dr. Paul!

We did the “right thing” once they agreed to some simple terms. We do NOT want a “three ring” circus at a GOP event.

No course was reversed by me! You have it very wrong.

Thank you.

Rick Beltram

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