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Jessie’s ditty

July 5, 2007

Being Influential members of the media we get lots of things in our email box. Sometimes we just press the delete key at other times we read them. This email came from the impeachment now committee or some sort of group. I just thought it was funny. It comes from the lips of the Reverend…… Jesse Jackson.

Bush spied.
Cheney lied.
Far too many people have died.
It’s time they were tried.
It’s impeachment time.

When I read this I wondered if we could come up with a good rhyme. Also why do the Democrats get all of these funny little sayings like “Stay out of the Bushes.” Where is someone on the Republican side who can create something as memorable as this?


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  1. Bill Wilson permalink
    July 6, 2007 3:45 PM

    I think Jesse actually yelled, “Stay out da Bushes!”
    Here are some fun Jesse clips to play and trade with friends:

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