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Dems just don’t get war on terror

July 3, 2007

I recall just a few weeks ago Democratic Presidential hopeful John Edwards was telling us that the war on terror was nothing more than a bumper sticker slogan. Several of the top democrats want us to believe that there is no terrorism here or abroad. They just don’t get it in my opinion.

I don’t think any one likes war, but sometimes war is necessary. We went into Iraq a little over four years ago and at first everything went pretty much by the book. As the old saying goes though, “all plans go out the window when the first bullet flies.”  Saddam Hussein was overthrown and American soldiers were on the top of the world. Things changed dramatically though when the rules of engagement were adhered by our soldiers, but not by insurgents from Iran, Syria and who knows what other middle eastern countries.

hpc-larger.jpgWe can fast forward to just this past Friday when some alert emergency medical personnel saw what appeared to be smoke in a car turned out to be a bomb in a very busy part of London.. A couple of hours later another car loaded and ready to blow was found in another location. Then on Saturday a couple of suicide bombers decided to drive a car into Glasgow’s airport. Wasn’t this the same airport where Pan Am flight 103 took off from? I’m glad that we are only in a bumper sticker war on terror and our enemies believe it. It really makes me feel much safer knowing the leadership we have in Washington believes that also.

Is George W. Bush a perfect president? Not at all, but at least he has the common sense that we need to fight these terrorist in their land, not ours. The president says that he does not listen to the poll numbers which is probably good. I think he deserves more credit than he gets, but he does get some much deserved criticism also. It would help if the soldiers that are fighting for Iraq’s freedom had the full support of our congress and the people instead of an I support the soldiers, but I’m against the war crowd. How would you do your job if your boss told you he supports you but is against what you are doing? Most likely not very well.

It really doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that our enemies are watching and listening to every word our elected leaders are saying about the war. They probably thrive on the fact that our press is happy to pass on the worst things happening in the war zone, and are equally as happy that we never hear of any good things that are getting done over there. Perhaps when pigs fly our esteemed politicians and liberal news media will understand that and change the way they speak out against our president.

Larry Donaldson
Darlington, SC

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