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Graham had telephone town hall meeting last night

June 29, 2007

We received this Press Release from Rebekah Sutherland this morning and we thought it was interesting. It appears Sen. Lindsey Graham held a telephone town hall meeting last night on some issues. Rebekah gives us one account of it below. We are wondering if anyone else was on the call last night what else was discussed. If you were on the call last night from Sen. Graham leave a comment and tell us about it. What do you remember was said? Who said it? What questions did they ask?

DATE: June 29, 2007

CONTACT: R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences

Mail: P.O. Box 1625, Aiken, SC 29802

Phone: 803-649-0582


PR: SSN #’s out of control says Sen. Lindsey Graham

Last night I received a call that invited me to “stay on the line” for an ongoing conference call with the South Carolina U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham. “Press the # key and you will be placed in line to ask your question . . .” Of course, I pressed that key.

Forty five minutes later, Lindsey closed the session (i.e., 20:00 hours), and said, “If you did not get to talk to me, leave a voice message on the system.” My questions were not invited.

hpc-larger.jpgHmmmm . . . . rigged no doubt, but verrrrrrrry interesting.

First, a most serious moment has happened in the country according to Lindsey. Because the illegal aliens from Mexico have been able to create illegal Social Security Cards, there is no way for government to find out who is legal and who is not.

PAY ATTENTION EVERYONE: Translation seems to me should be . . . the government no longer has your number correct on its computers.

QUESTION: If the SSN is no longer valid, then how the heck is the IRS using it to extract our “voluntary income tax?”

Second, Lindsey commented about China’s trade practice with the USA. He said, “China cheats.”

FACT: In 1996, Rep. Lindsey Graham voted for Most Favored Nation status for China. I clipped the article out of the newspaper and have it on file.

PAY ATTENTION EVERYONE: Senator Lindsey Graham helped to establish trade relations with a country well known for foul communist practices and an open determination to take over the world (i.e., hegemony). Yep, Lindsey did it. That is how the textile companies left our shores for a brighter future on the other side of the world.

NOTE TO SOUTH CAROLINA FOLKS: Lindsey is “not your Daddy.”

More later . . . [end]

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  1. June 29, 2007 3:15 PM

    A Very Simple Question, SC: Will you continue to accept this man as your Senator?


    The 2008 Republican Primary is half a year away. South Carolina, you have a very simple question to answer. Are you going to allow a man with the record below, Lindsey Graham, to continue to represent you in the United States Senate?

    Linsdey Graham’s Record As Our Republican US Senator

    1) Co-wrote the failed Amnesty Bill of 2007 in a secret, back-room deal with Ted Kennedy, Harry Reed and his personal puppeteer, John McCain.

    2) After numerous polls, tens of thousands of phone calls and emails, and hundreds of talk show callers TOLD HIM that THE VAST MAJORITY of South Carolinians wanted him to stop supporting the ill-conceived Amnesty Bill, he turned a deaf ear. Instead, he called you, the citizens of South Carolina, “a few loud people”, and then he absolutely ignored you. On the day the bill died, on the floor of the Senate, Jim DeMint asked Lindsey Graham, “What part of NO don’t you understand?”. Thankfully, 53 Senators finally decided to listen to us, the citizens, and killed the tragically flawed Amnesty bill.

    3) As the bill was spiraling to its death, he stood on the Senate floor and cried for the criminal aliens. He lambasted those who disagreed with his position. He DID NOT CRY for the millions of US citizens who can’t earn a decent wage because of the millions of criminals who snuck into our country. In fact, he never mentioned them.

    4) Called Teddy “Splash” Kennedy “One of the most principled men I’ve ever met.” It is the overwhelming view among South Carolinians that “Splash” Kennedy is one of the most despicable, liberal men to ever walk the earth, a man personally responsible for a large portion of America’s current Welfare State, and a man who walked away from a car accident and left his passenger, a young college student, to drown to death. To Lindsey Graham, he is a hero. And this man, South Carolina, is your Senior United States Senator.

    5) Called you, the citizens of South Carolina, “bigots” because you disagreed with him on his, Ted Kennedy’s, and John McCain’s Amnesty Bill. You believed we should enforce the law. He believed we should grant amnesty to 12 Million criminal trespassers in our country. He stood in front of LaRaza, one of the most racist organizations in the world, praised them lavishly, pandered to them, cried huge tears of despair for these poor immigrants (who BROKE THE LAW and CONTINUE TO BREAK THE LAW) and then told them, a room full of racist liberals, that you, South Carolinians, were the bigots!

    6) In the wake of 9/11, DID NOT FOCUS ON MAKING SOUTH CAROLINIANS MORE SECURE. Instead, Lindsey Graham focused on protecting the rights of the terrorists. He wrote the bill that extended rights to terrorists equal to those of United States citizens! He stood on the floor of the Senate and cried for the terrorists who were being aggressively interrogated. He called the US Military barbarians. And, unbelievably, he went all the way to the US Supreme Court to defend known terrorist Salim Ahmed Hamdan. Folks, this is YOUR UNITED STATES SENATOR!

    7) In answer to the point blank question, “What is your job as a US Senator,” Lindsey Graham answered, “My job as a US Senator is to work with the Democrats.” That’s a direct quote folks. Your Senior Senator believes that you elected him and sent him to Washington to work with the Democrats!

    8) In fact, Mr. Graham has repeatedly said that he doesn’t worry about what his constituents have to say, and that he is not worried about getting re-elected. He has often said that by and large, the folks in South Carolina aren’t smart enough to understand what’s going on in Washington, and that he must protect us from our own ignorance.

    9) Participated vigorously as a member of the infamous Gang of 14, who used archaic Senate procedures to strip conservative Republican’s rights. South Carolinians overwhelmingly disagreed with Graham, and inundated him with calls, letters, emails and faxes. As expected, Mr. Graham ignored his constituents and fell in line with John McCain and the Democrats.

    10) Wrote a glowing article about Hillary Clinton for Time Magazine in April 2006, and partnered with Ms. Clinton on numerous bills that were vehemently opposed by the majority of South Carolinians. “She has been great to work with,” Mr. Graham told FoxNews’ Cal Thomas.

    South Carolina, is this the man we want as our Senior United States Senator?

  2. Carolyn Rice permalink
    June 29, 2007 6:18 PM

    No, I will vote for anyone, even write in a name if I have to before I would EVER cast another vote for Mr. Graham.

  3. NotaLOGfan permalink
    June 29, 2007 9:22 PM

    The really bad thing about the Federal Government not being able to verify my SSN is that I won’t be able to collect those SS benefits they’ve promised me. It’s time for individual retirement accounts, not FICA taxes. End FICA, pay me my money out of the account, and I’ll do my own investing, thank you.

  4. Herodan permalink
    June 29, 2007 10:11 PM

    Another point about Graham was that as a member of the House prosecuting team for Clinton’s impeachment, he didn’t even support all four articles of impeachment.

    I too will never vote for Lindsey Graham. I won’t just vote for the a Democrat, but I’ll leave it blank or write in a name.

    Lindsey Graham is the perfect example of why we need to repeal the 17th Amendment!!!

    I too am all for individual retirement accounts. I believe we, as gownup Americans, ought to have the freedom to provide for ourselves.

    A sarcastic thanks to Franklin Delano Roosevelt (for Social Security and other big government messes), one of the worst presidents this country has ever had!!!!

  5. John Atkinson permalink
    June 29, 2007 10:13 PM

    I would vote for a “Jackass” before I would vote for Lindsey Graham again!

  6. rhinowatcher permalink
    June 30, 2007 12:54 AM

    Every time you think you see an illegal at Wal-mart or wherever from here out, make sure you call Jim DeMint and thank him for killing the immigration reform bill.

    You guys jump on Graham for trying to do something about it (it would have stopped them from coming here by cutting their jobs off), but DeMint just gave them amnesty until at least 2015!!

    Call Jim and ask him what he is going to do about it. NOTHING!! There is NOTHING he can do. Maybe he can talk about enforcing the laws on the books some more, we see how well that has worked for the past 21 years.

  7. Johann permalink
    June 30, 2007 3:36 PM

    Translation of Rhino’s post: Since we don’t enforce our current laws — let’s pass a boatload more that are less logical and understandable, that reward the crime even moreso, and that truly can not be enforced!

    Question: Do you really think illegals will still work for dirt wages if they are recognized as “guest workers” (laughable euphemism)and are readily available for recruitment by union bosses and “victims” groups?

    This poster’s summary: The “Immigration Reform” bill should have been properly named the “Full Employment for Immigration Lawyers and Poverty Pimps Recovery Act”. So, as Rhino suggests, thank you Senator Demint, I have $1,000 earmarked for your re-election campaign. I also have $1,000 earmarked for any conservative challenging Graham.

  8. Carl Dennett Blyth permalink
    June 30, 2007 11:56 PM

    Dear Friends:
    I sent the following email to our “beloved” Snake in the Senate, yesterday!Dear Senator Graham,
    The anger that we feel in SC is not because we have no help in finding direction or guidance in the issues of immigration but that the immigration laws should be enforced AS THEY ARE on the books right now, AND that you as our elected public official should be making OUR VIEW known in Washington – rather than your own!
    You and others believe that compromise is the ‘high road’ to law making, but it is not! You believe that you gain something important by rushing into compromise, but you don’t! You began looking for a way to compromise at the first moment of disagreement instead of the last moment of an intractable situation, and you will answer to the people of SC and to God for your actions.
    Your ignorance of the earliest days of the Congress is abysmal! Every single basic rights or laws in our constitution, was like a granite stepping stone, carved out of the hardest granite by brute force and great skill, until it was exactly as it should be – a rock hard tenet to build on! Was there compromise in the final stone? Yes, but only after much heat of argument and battling over issues and when the issue became impossible to solve – only then did the two combatants look for ways to knock off a little rough edge that irritated the other.
    You want to make gravel FIRST, a mix of bits and pieces of what was once a great nation – add a little mortar and lime and fixatives before you will pour a convenient little plan of concrete almost perfectly shaped and filled with your inconsistencies, and when it has dried – tap the little edges into submission! How sweet! My son at the age of three could tap concrete and destroy it with his little hammer!
    My desire is to begin now determining how to recall you as a senator from SC. If that is not possible, I will do all I can to engage the public conscience to see that you do not return to the Senate during your re-election campaign.
    You think we are all dummies and don’t know our right hand from our left, but we are not. Perhaps the crowd that you run with like your style, but most of us in SC don’t.
    You may have gone to DC with great ideals and goals, but it takes guts and strong will to remain who you really are – as a Senator or a member of the House in Washington. Everyone who goes to Congress faces an unbelievable battle to move from a position of strength to a position of mediocrity.
    Those who are conservative are pushed to move to the middle (to the left) or beyond; others who are liberal tend to move toward the middle or farther out, but always making the laws more liberal.
    When we had our brief moment to move the nation toward the right, we lost the momentum because you and others did not hold to your positions but moved left toward the middle so that you could compromise and get things done! (your thoughts not mine!)
    America is on the skids toward every evil thing that my forefathers fought to prevent.
    I would strongly suggest that you decide what you will be doing after you fail to attain public office in the next election!
    Most sincerely,
    Carl Dennett Blyth, Sr.

  9. Jay permalink
    July 1, 2007 3:29 AM

    Lindsey Graham must think his $3.5 million in the bank will scare off all chalengers. His arrogance is as bad as his votes. Let’s show him that we are not as dumb as he thinks we are and vote for someone else.

  10. July 3, 2007 3:03 AM

    Lindsey Graham has betrayed his conservative promises and has voted with the liberal democrats 18 times (from Jan 1st through Jul 1st). He said Ted Kennedy
    was a great man of principle and he has been on the wrong side of those values which are important to the people who sent him to congress.

    South Carolina has a choice !!

    Tim Carnes is running against Lindsey Graham and will return conservative integrity back into the representation that the people of South Carolina receives
    in the Senate.

    Your review and support for our common goals and values would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Tim Carnes

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