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June 21, 2007

What SCHotline survey respondents are saying about what they know, have heard and think about the Indictment of Thomas Ravenel… We’ll continue to update this page every one-hundred responses.




SCHotline will continue to follow this story and from what we hear from our sources there may be many others involved including but not limited to audio and video of top political operatives and elected officials.

But at the end of the day the real story here may not have much to do with Thomas Ravenel. Who stood to benefit from this particular ‘Susan Smith’ moment? Why did it take two years to resolve this and why was it not leaked by any camp prior to the primary, runoff and or election?


My question goes back to : Who knew what when? If these “facts ” were known by the party big wigs prior to the primary/election then someone should have spoken up even if it meant the election. If on the other hand this is a hatchet job by politicians looking out for 08 then it is a whole other matter. The outcome of the trial will be interesting but I still don’t trust the “system”, never have never will.  Until he is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt I will consider him not guilty. If however he is found guilty he should receive the full sentence-as much for breach of public trust aa for the coke charge.  Like one of the comments above: I would vote for him over Gramnesty even now.  Every one knows that the rich can buy their justice. It will come as no surprise if he pleas down to some “pay a fine and walk” bargain. It will be interesting to say the least.

I immediately wondered why no news of this came out during the elections.

I think it took entirely too long for the “authorities” to bring this to light. And there’s no doubt in my mind there is a political manipulation going on somewhere. Look to the age-old statment: Who benefits the most from this “delayed” announcement?

I think it is politically based somehow or it would have come out sooner than 2 years. They either sat on the info until they needed it or until they could not “control” him. If he was trying to give back monies and no one wanted to do so that
would be reason to get rid of him now.

What a shame. I thought Thomas Ravenel might be a viable person in the future of SC politics

I find it odd that this is coming out now when there was ample opportunity during the campaign. However, nothing surprises me anymore.

If he is guilty, may his political career be ended for good. We have enough crooks
serving in government.

Thomas Ravenel’s political career is dead

Fun it came up right after a poll about him runnig against Senator Graham.

I am absoulutly disgusted. He was a role-model to me and I put tons of Volunteer
work into his Senate campaign as well as Treasurer Campaign. I was 19 at the time
and was doing anything and everything I could to help him, even if that meant driving
back and forth to Columbia 2 or more times getting campaign supplies (in oine day
) to going out in the hot sun to put up over 75 4×8 signs (which are not small and
easy to install) I did all of this in hopes that he would be elected and for him
to pull this has just broken me and all the hard work. Now i have to listen to
all of the people who I was able to persuade from Patterson to Ravenel. I have gotten
non-stop phone calls from people making fun of me for standing up and garning support
for him and now I have to deal with it. I am extremly furious that he would be
so self-centered to do this knowing he was in a public office and knowing that he
had so many people for him. I am disgusted and feel betrayed and looked down upon
for having worked with him regardless if he is exonerated, the simple fact is he
was brought up into all this which is hurtful enough. Sorry for the venting but
it needed to be said-

Until Thomas is proven guilty by a court of law, he is not guilty. How something
like this was kept quite for so long does not make sense to me. With the limited
information we have been told something just doesn’t seem right….Pixie Melfi

This is a sad, sad day for all involved. But Converse Chellis or Ken Wingate seem
the best bets for the permanent assignment for this post.

I think he is really stupid and this has disappointed a lot of people who trusted
him. I hope he is not guilty.

I suspect he was set up. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. I was hoping
we could run him against RINO Grahamccain

I have the same questions as those in the above paragraph. All of this was known
long before Thomas filed for the Treasurer. (according to what I read in all your
stuff) Somehow i think it has to do with the senate seat. Some (who??)one wants

I immediately wondered why no news of this came out during the elections.

I think it took entirely too long for the “authorities” to bring this to light.
And there’s no doubt in my mind there is a political manipulation going on somewhere
. Look to the age-old statment: Who benefits the most from this “delayed” announcement

I think it is politically based somehow or it would have come out sooner than 2
years. They either sat on the info until they needed it or until they could not ”
control” him. If he was trying to give back monies and no one wanted to do so that
would be reason to get rid of him now.

Does not matter

I find the timing suspicious. Why havent we heard this before??
Could it be that
Lindsey was worried about having competition.

They wanted to remove potential threats and current threats.

The timing of this is obvious: to throw off the Giuliani campaign in order to knock
him out of the race. John McCain’s camp is no doubt behind it in an effort to
regain some footing in South Carolina. With Lindsey Graham’s boyfriends and other

alllies working with him here in the state, it was probably easy to coordinate.

I think that somebody was in his corner. Then too musch information was picked
up on someone else, and he became the sacraficial lamb. There is a code among groups
. You be quiet and take the rap and we take care of your family for you is the
code. But if you talk, I don’t know what we can do. This is bigger than me and

Innocent til proven guilty, but I think it doesn’t look good.

I think that if it looks like BS and smells like BS, it is prudent to watch your

need to look at it.

How dume can youo get.
It does seem strange that republicans get so terrible but
Demos can get bribre money put it in a freezer and still be in congress with
little fanfare and protection by fellow Demos

It was stupid of Ravenel to snort.

that i’m not taking this survey.

If it’s true it doesn’t surprise me much, I have a very low opinion of most politicions

Just because a drug dealer says the Treasurer helped out in passing out drugs doesn
‘t mean he’s guilty. Could the dealer who is in jail be looking to cut a deal for
himself by fingering Ravenel? That’s what our criminal justice system is designed
to ferret out.

The republicans wanted wingate to begin with. The policital machine and sanford
owed wingate and this is the only way to get a brown noser in. If this was true
ravenel would not and the republicans would not let him run. I think linsley is
behind the whole thing as we want ravenel to run against him.

There is a lot more to come that hasn’t been revealed (such as maybe the laundrying
of drug money) or we have another case of where our justice system has gone down
the drain like with the NC athletes who were falsely charged. Ken Wingate is a
person of character.

I like Thomas Ravenel and hope he didn’t do it. He doesn’t strike me as a reckless

See above…

It appears that you can’t trust anybody anymore.

I am waiting to hear what Thomas Ravenel has to say about all this. Will he deny
it? However, if Gramnesty passes shouldn’t Ravenel be given immidiate amnesty?
After all, he has led a productive life and has not been convicted of anything until
now. Isn’t that the reasons that Graham and Bush give for granting amnesty to
millions of criminals?

IF he is guilty, he should face the full extent of the law. The damage he has done

to the party, his family and friends, not to mention himself is reprehensible.

I believe it is an attempted smear tactic to both derail Guiliani’s campaign in
SC and a run against Senator Grahamnesty.

TR needs some lube.

I think I wish the “news” media would stick to reporting facts instead of the opinions
of people who have heard things but don’t really know anything.

He needed to be removed and have his day in court. If guilty, then take the rap
for it.

I think that the statement that SLED chief Robert Stewart made about not pursuing
Ravenel in april is BS

I would not be at all suprised at the above statement!

Keep on the story

Look to the Sanford/Harrell machine.

I think Ravenel was torpedoed. He announced plans to run against Lindsey Graham
. He won’t be running now!

I think that anyone who is politically connected, a business associate or a personal
friend is under suspicion of cocaine useage, including administrators in the treasurers

I am so disappointed and also wonder why it took so long !

I am quite disappointed. I thought he was a good candidate for future political
offices. If this turns out to be true, I question just how many more in office
(local, state, and federal gov’t.) are doing drugs or are on the “take” for looking
the other way or not doing more to stop the drug problems that still persist.
Sadly, he is from the ’60s generation which seems to be the “drug generation”.
When are these people going to grow up and live decent lives? How can the youth
look up to fathers doing drugs? How can we trust gov’t. officials when they have
to break the law and sneak around in the back rooms buying, selling, snorting,
and/or shooting drugs? My final question is, “How corrupt is our government? I
recommend that drug testing being done at all levels of the gov’t. just as it is
done in the military. I also recommend that Mr. Ravenel does “time” if he is convicted

. We need to set an example so our gov’t officials get the message.

Ravenel is/was a rank opportunist whose political ambition out-paced his good sense
. Graham is a consensus-builder in Washington and sets himself apart from political
extremists. He’s a bright guy who’s put himself and SC on the map in the US Senate
, and in fairly short order. Ravenel, even if he beats the coke rap, no longer has
much of a prayer if he challenges Graham. And that’s a good thing. He won’t be

i feel like most politicians are liars so i wouldn’t be shocked if it turned out
to be true. as long as he’s not screwing around with children or killing people
, i don’t really care. sucks to be him though.

I am sick to my stomach. I thought that he was really a clean cut honest guy and
not a drug addict

It’s especially terrible to run on a “clean, family-man” image and then be breaking
the law in such a flagrant way at the same time. I don’t understand drug dependency
at all — you might think someone with significant earned wealth could find ways
to spend his money and time rather than doing illegal things. Think of all the
people he could help with his time and money! He could build a whole villlage
of Habitat Houses or fill the new freezers at Harvest Hope with the money he has
spent, I’m sure, on something as terrible as drugs!

I think on the surface it’s pretty tragic.but I’ll wait for the other shoe to drop

Guilani has a habit of associating with crooks and thugs. That makes me believe
the reports about Ravenel – even though he is innocent until proven guilty.

That it is too early to make any decisions until more hard facts come out

The end of a promising political career. Reminds me of the “fall from grace” of
another Ravenel – Pug

S.C. has such dirty politics, that anything is believable.


I think the system seems to be working properly, and it is a tribute to law enforcement
and the professionalism of the investigators that nothing leaked before the indictment

I think this is a reflection of our state and politics in general. A person with
the most money will be elected regardless of his personal ethics or if he is the
right person for the job. I also believe that this is going to make Giuliani’s
campaign more difficult in the palmetto state. Hopefully voters will not make the
same mistakes as it has in the past. Elected officials need to be good examples
for the kids not examples of what not to do. I can wait for his PSA’s to come out

Operation Lost Trust all over again and just like Ron Cobb – coke is involved.

What a shame that our elected officials have no more moral’s than the common user
on the street

Ballentine is the new Tresurer. Thomas is in big trouble. Good guy, but in trouble
. Did you see the guy he’s accused with? What the hell?

I have a hard time believing the charges

It makes no sense.

This type of thing has happened before and the person was not convicted. I think
it also happened to Dorlean. It is just a way to ruin some one they can not control
. A way to keep or put their own people in the position. Sick and corrupt. best
result, less people will vote and the politicians will better be able to control
the out come.

No one is above the law, but this seems to be a hack job.

I am really disappointed in Ravenel. This certainly can have a further impact on
the Republican party.

need to get all involved into jail.

I thought it was current, I’m interested to hear more

If he is proven guilty, he MUST do the FULL TIME due a criminal of this magnatude
, especially such a priviledged person!

I think the timing was suspicious…if they’ve been investigating for two years
why did they wait to let him get elected??? Could this have been a set up????

I think this is typical of elected officials being arrogant and thinking they are
above the law.

The scenario seems curious…

It suprises me that he was unseated. You have a lot of things going on in office
. How can you be an officer of a political party, and be a Councilman? The Govenor
needs to relieve Solicetors for you never get anything in Court.

It suprises me that he was unseated. You have a lot of things going on in office
. How can you be an officer of a political party, and be a Councilman? The Govenor
needs to relieve Solicetors for you never get anything in Court.

Punishment is necessary

I would take a close look at anyone he is a threat to politically. Who stands to
gain from bringing him down? Why now? How long has there been available evidence
? 2 years?!?! Suspicious.

Hes an IDIOT!!!!!!

Why has this been kept quiet until now? Those close to Thomas should have recognized
the signs of drug abuse if the charges brought forth to the Federal Grand Jury
have any substance.

I am glad he is gone. I have no reservations at all with Ken Wingate and helped
him in his campaigns. I do hope there are no others involved but want to clean
up our party so we we not fear this happening again. I want us to be above approach

It’s not easy to bring forth an indictment in federal court–there must be some
strong evidence.

I HOPE this is not true….It is disheartening when ‘people’ they trust violate
their trust!!!!

This smells of Chicago/Boston/NYC politics.
I doubt that Ravenel was a regular
user of the drug, because smart, wealthy, savvy political types, (which I think
Ravenel may in fact be) usually do not get into this kind of problem. They usually
recognize the kiss of death to their political ambitions that drug use will cause
I think that generally a man of this caliber might do a drug as a dare
or when goaded into it, but he would be very stupid to take up the substance as
a habit. Of course some become used to the pain-free feelings of some illegal products
and have tried to get them legalized.
I wonder who set him up!
This sounds more
like dirty politics, rather than a drug bust.

As much as I disdain the SC Democrats, Carol Fowler may have been more accurate
than we give her credit for in her comments on Ravenel. But I almost have to laugh
when she says that Grady Patterson, who’s 82 and ineffective on a good day, should
have been reelected. Sore loser rhetoric.


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  1. Dean Gore permalink
    June 21, 2007 3:08 PM

    I think this represents the corruption that has consumed our state and nation. Drugs have took over our schools, communities and neighborhoods. then we see it goes all the way to Columbia. You cant go to any conveinece store without a crackhead asking for money. it is not safe to send you wife to the grocery store. people openly sell drugs on the streets and nobody does nothing. i think a large majority of our state government should be removed from office. they are a disgrace to our state. mexicans have took over in our area, all the major stores and restaurants are full of them. they must be millions her in S.C. They pay no taxes and get free everything while the working man and business owner gets taxed out of business.

  2. S West permalink
    June 21, 2007 3:18 PM

    Very disappointed in Thomas. However, I feel that those who worked so hard and long to support and elect him have nothing for which they should apologize or defend. We as Republicans are always willing to work for the person we feel is the best person for the position and who best represents our Republican values.
    We sometimes misjudge because we are human but we attempt to correct our mistakes. We will do what needs to be done in this situation and carry on as we always have. The Ravenel problem should only make us more determined than ever to support and work for our party as a united team. These things happen and we can’t allow them to shake our beliefs or our commitment to our party.

  3. Mary Coney permalink
    June 21, 2007 3:20 PM

    Last time I checked Indict meant to accuse of wrongdoing.To make a formal accusation against by the findings of a grand jury. When did innocent until proven guilty change to guilty until proven innocent. Yes he is an elected offical, but, he is only a man like all others and has made mistakes. There are good treatment facilities that will help him if he has the desease of addiction. We should not look down on people who do not have control over addiction, if we do than we may need to look at our own loved ones or even ourselves alittle closer.

  4. June 21, 2007 3:34 PM

    Regardless of the outcome of this indictment, we still need to find someone to run against Graham. Do another survey on that issue please.

  5. Phillip M. Byrd permalink
    June 21, 2007 3:45 PM

    Every morning before I begin my day I sit in my office and pray the ‘Serenity Prayer’. This prayer helps keep me clean and sober. This prayer also reminds me to accept the things that I cannot change. Unfortunately, drugs are all around us. There are those that will frown upon communities that are labeled as the ‘Projects’ reminding their children not to do drugs and to always remember to stay away from such ‘areas’. Are we that blind? If I want drugs I can get them from ‘uptown’ as well as ‘downtown’. I hope that Thomas is innocent, but if not all I can do is pray for him. Am I angry? Yes. But through my sobriety I have learned that anger is a poison and that in order to remain sober I have to follow my spiritual guidelines. In this case I must pray for Thomas and to encourage everyone else to do the same. If we find that he is guilty, then what do we do? I suggest that we continue to pray. Let us pray for our Governor and everyone involved. May God have mercy on us all.

  6. June 21, 2007 4:32 PM

    Won’t work, Lindsey; people STILL like Thomas better and would still vote for him over you any day. Let’s see … a guy who blows coke or a guy who lets illegals in to kill my family … hmm …

  7. Keith Sloan permalink
    June 21, 2007 4:48 PM

    A single count of possession seems odd for a two year investigation. If Mr. Ravenel is an addict, surely would be buying more. If not, and this is a “spring fling” occurrence it seems odd that Mr. Ravenel just happens to be caught up in the investigation.

    Politics is an honorable profession that has been morphed into a very dirty game. Win at all costs, regardless of what is best for the “folks”.

    Don’t know if Mr. Ravenel is a serious criminal or someone simply caught in the game.

    Time will tell.

  8. Frank Wickliffe permalink
    June 21, 2007 5:32 PM

    Sounds like a male Paris Hilton. I’ve heard his arrogance enters the room before he does. I hope little Richey Rich gets some slammer time. I’m a Republican and ashamed yet proud to say I did not vote for him. I just did not like him.

  9. west_rhino permalink
    June 21, 2007 5:46 PM

    Odd thing, drugs in Charleston. In recent years one has seen a city councilman’s “estranged wife” (though living under the same roof) and children busted for distribution in that councilman’s home; the local press vigorously insisted that he know nothing about any drug dealings… interesting in “T’Rav’s” case that as his buying appears to have been uncovered, that it got handed upstream from local policia to SLED and then the FBI… one wonders that DEA seems to have been off playing right field as things seem to have gotten too hot for respective sets of oven mitts.

    We hear that coke use may be redeemable, after rehab, ask Slick from Hope, AR or W, though one didn’t really inhale.

  10. Lucas Jackson permalink
    June 21, 2007 6:07 PM

    What with all the conspiracy theories? I think SLED did the right thing by turning this over to the Feds. As for the timing, I’m sure they wanted to make sure they had a solid case. I hope he doesn’t try the Marion Berry defense.

  11. Jerry H. Gass permalink
    June 21, 2007 7:40 PM

    Curious timing. We’ll stay tuned and see what shakes out.

  12. Andy Jackson permalink
    June 21, 2007 7:51 PM

    I’m not surprised at all at Mr. Ravenel’s downfall. He struck me during his various campaigns as a complete phony. Smile and a shoeshine, daddy’s money and the usual BS that SC Repubs want to hear. Now, when are the feds going to get the other phoney: Sanfraud.

  13. June 21, 2007 7:53 PM

    Hard to determine if the timing of the release of this information is connected specifically to one of the other presidential (McCain?) candidate or even to Sen. Graham’s desire to continue to serve. Graham has “kicked the pooch” as far as me, and most of my friends in Republican circles are concerned. While Ravinel was an “attractive” possibity to run against Graham, I’m sure we’ll find an equally attractive person to “take him on” when the time is right.

    A similar thing happened to the Republican Party here in Sumter County. A few years aback, our newly elected county chairman was arrested for selling and using drugs shortly after he assumed his duties. Politicians are people too. Like the rest of us, they are subject to every temptation known to man and, also like the rest of us, sometimes they succumb to these temptations. The county party admitted they had made a poor choice, put the incident behind and just kept on “trucken.”

  14. Mary Fairbrother permalink
    June 21, 2007 8:51 PM

    I think if he is involved in this mess,he should be punished just like anyone else.As the saying goes,if you do the crime,you have to do the time.
    I am ashamed that someone in his position would do this.He is a disgrace to our state.

  15. June 21, 2007 9:16 PM

    I am a long time friend of the Ravenel family. He has shamed Charlestonians, the Ravenel family good name. I feel and pray for his family, fellow party members and our esteemed Governor. I have a daughter facing 20-90 years for felony possession in Dallas, TX. She possessed 4 grams I hope he feels the fear of his potential sentence in possesion of 500 grams. I know you are innocent until proven guilty, however to take down my daughter the evidence was overwhelming. I feel confident to take down a person with such prestige, reputation and position the prosecution had to have their ducks in a row and enormous confidence to move forward with his arrest. I just hope our State and our party can bear this humiliation. I feel for all that campaigned for Mr. Ravenel.I pray they will not be discouraged to act on behalf of those we need and trust in 2008. Damn drugs!

  16. Game Cock permalink
    June 22, 2007 3:46 AM

    May he get the full sentence. He deserves it. As a public official and even a role model to a certain degree, he should know better. I supported him against when he ran for Senate in 2004 against “Weasley” and “Demintia” (though I do not support him running against Graham), but this does it for me. I hope he realizes that all his influence and power will not buy him out of this. May he get the full punishment he deserves. Don’t drop the soap T. Rav.

  17. Boba Fett permalink
    June 22, 2007 4:13 AM

    Well, Ravenel just went down a notch in my book regarding the cocaine charges. Then I heard he was Guilliani’s SC Campaign manager and he went down 2 more notches in my book.

  18. mikejmu permalink
    June 22, 2007 4:16 AM


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  19. Bob Hartnett permalink
    June 22, 2007 4:17 AM

    Who has the deep pockets to defeat Little Lindsey now?

  20. June 22, 2007 4:47 PM

    Let’s wait until the trial is over. There will be a plea bargin for sure, but if he’s guilty, he should get the sentence deserving of any other person. For that amount of durgs he will probably get it down to just under 100 grams. This should get him 15 years, and with the 85% rule he should get out in 12 years. The reason I know is because my daughter is in there for traficing about the same amount, and if he gets a special deal then my daughter and other inmates should be getting a reduced sentence also. This is going to be interesting. There may be some inmates, and families in South Carolina that will absolutely raise the celling if he gets off lightly.

  21. Roy permalink
    June 22, 2007 5:29 PM

    My question goes back to : Who knew what when? If these “facts ” were known by the party big wigs prior to the primary/election then someone should have spoken up even if it meant the election. If on the other hand this is a hatchet job by politicians looking out for 08 then it is a whole other matter. The outcome of the trial will be interesting but I still don’t trust the “system”, never have never will.
    Until he is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt I will consider him not guilty. If however he is found guilty he should receive the full sentence-as much for breach of public trust aa for the coke charge.
    Like one of the comments above: I would vote for him over Gramnesty even now.
    Every one knows that the rich can buy their justice. It will come as no surprise if he pleas down to some “pay a fine and walk” bargain. It will be interesting to say the least.

  22. June 24, 2007 4:59 AM

    This personal disgrace for Ravenal also highlights a political deficiency in South Carolina.

    Many of us looked to Ravenal as perhaps the only man who had the $$$ to remind Graham that it was the voters of SC that sent him to the Senate in the first place. Not the voters of Massachusetts.

    And now, even if someone wanted to come forward to run against Graham, Lindsey would have the advantage due to the stupid open primary rule.

    Perhaps this sad episode will remind the SC GOP of the need to insist that only registered Republicans determine who our candidates are.

  23. Ted Shelton permalink
    June 27, 2007 12:08 PM

    Why did it take so long. Just goes to show that money talks and bs walks. He got indited and the other guy got arrested. Same charges?? Its what ever they want it to be. The government needs to do something about the court system, there is something major wrong when someone gives drugs away(maybe that is why he did not go to jail? giving them away is not a crime?) I know there are people in Spartanburg County that got arrrested almost 4yrs ago for making and sell crack and they still have not been to court – they are still on the streets making,using and selling drugs. Are drug offences no longer a crime??

  24. RICH permalink
    July 10, 2007 10:41 PM

    How about the other local politicians and well known dignitaries that played in the snow with T-Rav. I noticed that the P&C has very little about this story, jeez I wonder why. Who are they trying to protect. I hear this story hits close to home with them, those in the know, know what I’m talking about. The party in the battery, the hidden cameras, those who flipped and mentioned names. A good investigative reporter could have a field day with this story and probably sell a screenplay. City Paper and The State-keep on top of this story because you own it. The P&C doesn’t want to get dirty with this one.

  25. July 10, 2007 10:59 PM

    Phillip M. Byrd

    You are a good man, keep it up and yes lets pray for Thomas and the family.

  26. Everything is Fine permalink
    July 11, 2007 9:45 PM

    Everything is FINE! It’s fine, really, it’s fine. I’m not kidding…it’s fine. No, I’m not joking… everthing is fine. really….
    Don’t pay attention to the campaign finance violations, or the suspended treasurer for cocaine distribution or emails indicating ethics violations, or the State Budget and Control Board in disarray, or employee’s bolting out of the Treasury Agency, or The DOT, or The SBCB. Don’t pay attention to the Treasurer that is so HIGH he can’t walk straight, everything is fine at the Treasury Dept. LISTEN TO ME! EVERYTHING IS FINE!

  27. Bruce permalink
    July 20, 2007 3:39 AM

    The private airport owner stated:” the pilot wanted to turn the airplane around before starting it. The pilot and three other personnel attempted to move the airplane by hand with “negative results”. The pilot entered the airplane, released the parking brake, exited the airplane, and attempted to move the airplane with “negative results”. The pilot and passenger entered the airplane. The pilot started the engine, turned the airplane around with “power”and taxied to runway 06 for VFR departure to Columbia”

    “Examination of runway 06 by the FAA after the accident revealed the airplane traveled 819 feet on the take off roll before encountering the dirt section of the runway. Two skid marks were present in the dirt section of the runway. The left skid mark was was measured 417 feet long and the right skid mark was measured 388 feet long.. The width of the Mooney M-20 E landing gear is 9 feet and three quarters of an inch long. The distance between the left and right main landing gear is skid marks are 9 feet and three quarters of an inch. Ten feet past the left skid mark appeared to be a tail strike mark on a stone with a bluish color. The bottom of the accident airplane is blue in color”.

    Why would the pilot turn the plane around under “power”, taxi, to takeoff when moments earlier four people were unable to roll the plane. Why would you have skid marks over the length of a football field.…

  28. Bruce permalink
    July 20, 2007 3:40 AM

    I’m Bruce I use my real name in Yahoo Mail although I know I don’t have to. Throughout most of last year I worked at the FBO (Owens Field) where Andre Bauer kept his Moony Aircraft. I helped Azalia Leonhardt pull out his aircraft many times.

    What’s not known about this story is it’s NOT Andre Bauer’s first mishap. In August of last year I was attending to the Athletic departments King Air on an early afternoon flight when I was watching an aircraft on approach. As it got close I looked in horror as I noticed the landing gear was UP!

    I quickly got on the FBO’s radio and called to the person at the line desk,AIRCRAFT LANDING NO GEAR DOWN! NO GEAR DOWN?. At about 2 feet from touchdown Andre pulled up so heard the aircraft strike the runway. Both myself the Pilot from USC’s Athletic department heard and saw the “Strike”.

    He (Andre Bauer) went around the landing pattern and this time safely landed. He taxied so fast down to his storage hanger he could have taken off again right then. Following this he locked his aircraft in the storage hanger and forbid anyone from seeing it or inspecting it.

    Later that day both the Airport manager (Jim Hamilton) and the FBO manager Kelly Hamilton) told me this: “Andre Bauer’s plane did not strike the runway!” (Wink Wink). even though I saw it do so and heard it too. What bothers me is IF the Airport managers had reported the Aircraft Strike? according to the Law? this accident (yesterday) might not have happened after Andre Bauer got his pilots license pulled for not reporting the Aircraft Strike? in August himself.

  29. Anonymous permalink
    July 29, 2007 1:51 PM

    In South Carolina last fiscal year, 97 percent of all federally indicted cases ended in guilty pleas, records show.

    “We consider the investigation ongoing,” McDonald said. “If it’s appropriate to add charges, that is something that will be done.”

    The way you can get your sentence reduced in the federal system is to plead guilty and to give substantial assistance (to authorities),” said longtime Columbia criminal defense lawyer Jack Swerling.

    In South Carolina last fiscal year, the average drug trafficking sentence was about 11 years, compared to seven years nationwide.

    Chief U.S. District Judge Joe Anderson, who is presiding over Ravenel’s and Miller’s cases, has a reputation for fairness and staying within the guidelines, Strom said.

    “Our judges stick to the guidelines,” he said.

  30. Anonymous permalink
    August 21, 2007 11:55 PM

    Needs more time? What a farce! If you pay lawyers enough money they will do anything. The judicial process is in a sad state of affairs. Money and drugs are driving the system. Let’s all celebrate.

  31. Italian Citizen permalink
    August 23, 2007 4:35 AM

    Pellicoro is advertised as a regular wine-tasting expert at the J. Bistro restaurant in Mount Pleasant, according to the restaurant’s Web site.

    In a 2003 federal breach-of-contract lawsuit in which he was the plaintiff, Pellicoro was described as an Italian citizen who came to the U.S. on an “E2,” or business investor, visa.

    The amended indictment, known as a superseding indictment, said only that Ravenel, Pellicoro and Miller “knowingly and intentionally did combine, conspire and agree together and have tacit understanding with each other and others to possess and distribute “a quantity of cocaine.”


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