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Inside the festivities of the SC Republican Party meetings May 2007

May 24, 2007

Inside the festivities of the SC Republican Party meetings May 2007      5-19-2007

By Louis Neiger, CLU

The week of 5-14 started Monday evening with The Silver Elephant with an overflowing sit down dinner of South Carolina Republican shakers and movers.  Sean Hannity, a Fox News TV and Clear Channel radio broadcaster, was the keynote speaker.  He showed actual video footage of many Democratic Senators and leaders such as John Kerry and Ted Kennedy as far back as mid to late Clinton years stating support of going after Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. Sean than showed video footage from 2006 to 2007 where these same people denied there were ever any weapons of mass destruction and that they had been deceived by the current President Bush.  Hannity reminded us we were attacked again on 9/11 after several other attacks under the Clinton administration including the first attack on the world trade center February 26,1993.  His message was that the media and the Democratic Party are trying to deceive and give a distorted view of what actually happened.  With communication, the Internet, and the ability to access the speeches and comments of any elected official from the early 1990s to present, it is possible to go back and see exactly what was said at any given time and run it alongside what is presently being said.  The current statements of Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton and many more on the democratic side of the isle are 180 degrees different from what they said previously.  These people were given and made their assessments based on the same information available to President Bush.  By claiming ignorance they are either incompetent at best or dishonest at worst.

Tuesday Night the Republican Presidential debate at the Kroger Center in Columbia sponsored by Fox News was a sold out event.  I was a guest of a presidential campaign.  We saw stark differences. Rudy Giuliani defended being pro abortion and allowing same sex unions.  He also took exception to Ron Paul’s statement that we are responsible for the 9/11 attacks and that if we were isolationist this would not have happened.   Sam Brownback, Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo and Mitt Romney all defended traditional family values and the belief along with Giuliani that we must win the war in Iraq and against the terrorist world wide or we will be fighting them in our own streets.

hpc-larger.jpgAt the debate the candidates were given a scenario that the United States had just had 3 shopping centers have nuclear bombs go off, thousands were dead or injured.  The US had captured some of those responsible and sent them to Guantanamo Bay.  The captured bombers had information about future attacks that were imminent.  The candidates were asked what they would do to extract information from those responsible.  There were comments about not using torture and the usual dancing around the subject.  Tom Tancredo, however, nearly received a standing ovation when he said that if we had 3 cities nuked and more on the way he would not be concerned about water boarding that he would be looking for Jack Bauer of Fox TV Show 24.  For those who may not know of Jack Bauer he is a patriot to the core, not afraid of anything, willing to lay down his own life but if you have information that will save lives he would be your worst nightmare.  

I was glad to see the energized Republican majority at the South Carolina State Convention, on Saturday May 19th, confirm again the platform protecting property rights, the right to life, ethics in government, marriage of one man one woman, family values, and religious liberty.  The Party’s stand against pornography and obscenity was also confirmed again.  Peace through strength, the right to bear arms and a firm stand for the United States sovereignty were reconfirmed. The party also recognizes the stewardship of the earth to be one of the chief responsibilities of mankind and protection of our natural resources as a sacred trust.  The platform also has addressed issues of health care, senior citizens and welfare reform just to name a few.

The “Republican Creed” states: 

I do not choose to be a common man.

It is my right to be uncommon.

If I can seek opportunity, not security,

I want to take the calculated risk to dream and build,

to fail and to succeed. 

I refuse to barter incentive for dole.


I prefer the challenges of life to guaranteed security,

The thrill of fulfillment to the state of calm utopia.


I will not trade freedom for beneficence,

nor my dignity for a handout.

I will never cower before any master, save my God.

It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid. 

To think and act for my self, enjoy the benefit of my creations.

To face the whole world boldly and say,

“I am a free American.”

I find as I speak to most of people around South Carolina no matter what party they lean toward they do agree with the Creed in principle.

We must keep all of our Elected leaders in prayer for guidance and protection in leading.  We stand at a critical time in our nation’s history.  I believe with God’s help we will be victorious!

Lou Neiger has worked in the Insurance Planning field since 1981 and earned his CLU designation from the American College in Bryn Mawr, Pa.   Lou has been published in several papers as a guest columnist.  He and his family live in Newberry.

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  1. Malcolm Davenport permalink
    May 24, 2007 12:31 PM

    Ron Paul’s statement was that American foreign policy over the past several decades has resulted in Middle East anger, and that anger has provoked the response that we witnessed on September 11th. Simply, too much dickering around in the Middle East irked them, and they attacked.

    Rudy Giuliani, in his post debate interview on Fox News stated that we were attacked because of “our freedom and women’s rights.” Rubbish.

  2. A Voice in the Wilderness permalink
    July 28, 2008 2:58 AM

    Regarding your republican creed, are you or anyone in your family currently accepting social security?

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