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Mitt Romney outsourcing “volunteer calls” on illegal immigration?

April 11, 2007

Could the Mitt Romney campaign be outsourcing their “volunteer calls” to India?

hpc-larger.jpgOne of SC’s friend received a call on their voice mail on Wednesday of last week. It was from a volunteer named Nelson who has a strong Indian accent. That would be fine normally but the gentleman then goes on to talk about why Sen. Jim DeMint is supporting Mitt Romney. He states Mitt Romney is against illegal immigration and amnesty. He ends with telling them to have a nice Easter.

This is not made up. This is an actual call that was received by a voter in South Carolina. We could not even make up something this funny. Click here to listen to the recording.

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  1. Jim permalink
    April 11, 2007 2:10 PM


    Had no idea Indians named Nelson were not allowed to make campaign calls.

    Sounds pretty stereotypical and racist on your part.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. April 11, 2007 7:30 PM

    Wait a minute, I swear that is the guy I talked to when I called HP’s technical support line. Just kidding. Maybe Nelson is one of those highly skilled workers who are here in America getting a world class education who Romney thinks should be given a chance to stay here rather than be kicked out after they have are done with school. Whatever the case, it is kind of silly to play gotcha with it.

  3. Dane permalink
    April 11, 2007 9:18 PM

    I know a wonderful volunteer for the Republican Party named John. He happens to be Pakistani and sounds 100% like he is Pakistani. He also happens to be one of the best volunteers in Richland County. One of the only ones who is not afraid to makes volunteer calls to boot.

    When being racists, you guys should try to hide it a bit more. Didn’t you know the Klan came up with some neat code words and handshakes? Guess you missed that meeting.

  4. Jacosta permalink
    April 12, 2007 4:08 AM

    EXCUSE ME! But, did you CHECK any facts behind this story before alluding that this may be someone “outside” the U.S. making these phone calls for Romney? Or. are you merely assuming that Romney is up to no good?

    The reason way I ask is because I know of at least three Romney supporters that are from India in my area who have volunteered to make phone calls for the Romney campaign – and all three are American citizens!!!

    I think that you are up to no good by trying to slander Mitt Romney!!!

  5. Ruchard Bond permalink
    April 18, 2007 11:39 AM

    I am considering supporting Romney. I have a “foreign” accent though I am an American citizen.

  6. July 16, 2008 1:40 PM

    You shouldn’t try to play on people’s fears like this

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