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Toal gets another ticket after hitting another car in another accident after another hit and run.

April 4, 2007

May 17, 2001 — S.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean Toal, driving a 1997 Chrysler minivan, sideswipes an unoccupied 2001 Toyota Avalon parked about a block from her Wheat Street home about 9 p.m. She was ticketed by Columbia police for driving too fast for conditions and leaving the scene of a property damage accident. She paid $300 in fines and enrolled in traffic school.March 29, 2007 — Toal, driving a 2005 Chrysler minivan, backs into a 2007 Nissan Xterra parked at Columbia Metropolitan Airport. She was ticketed by Lexington County sheriff’s deputies for leaving the scene of an accident involving an unattended vehicle. She is scheduled to appear in Lexington County Central Traffic Court on April 18.

You would think it is time for S.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean Toal to step down because she keeps thinking she is above the law.   If anyone else did this, she would rule that we broke the law if it got as far as her court.  She should be disbared and removed from her position as the S.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice.   This will not happen ,it will be like last time when the state Commission on Judicial Conduct in 2002 cleared her of any ethical violations from the 2001 accident .These  people are appointed by the Legislators and they will not force the issue as she rules in their favor , when they want something. Example : she ruled in favor of building new schools on lend-lease when the people voted it down several times.  The taxpayers are stuck with that bill of goods anyway.  This was against the Constitution of South Carolina.   What else will she do to the taxpayers?

David Whetsell

Lexington SC

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