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SCHotline’s Politico Profiles: SCOTT MALYERCK

February 15, 2007


SCHotline: Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where and when were you born? Where did you go to college? What have you done in the past?

SCOTT MALYERCK: I was born on the coast of New Hampshire in 1962 on a wintry January afternoon in a city called Portsmouth. It’s one of the older New England cities. I’ve also thought of it as a smaller, more northern version of Charleston. I came to South Carolina to attend USC as my brother did nine years prior. My first real political campaign was in 1984. I ran a State Senate campaign in New Hampshire. We set a spending record. It was $30,000. Try that today. Well, we lost. However I helped that same candidate get elected to congress six years later. My first real break was working on Governor John Sununu’s campaign for governor. He was elected for three (2 year) terms. I then took the job as executive director of the NH Republican Party. I think I was the youngest in the nation at the time. I was 26. I moved back to South Carolina in the early 90’s and worked for a public relations firm, in state government, for a trade association, and as the executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party. I’m thinking about moving to Iowa soon.

SCHotline: What is the book you are currently reading
or what is your favorite book?

SCOTT MALYERCK: I think my favorite book remains A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. I’m not currently reading a book, but my last book read was Leadership by Rudy Giuliani.

SCHotline: What is the best moment you had in a campaign?

SCOTT MALYERCK: One was in 1987. I was driving in Vice President Bush’s motorcade on the back roads of western New Hampshire talking about USC football with fellow alumni Lee Atwater. Another was seeing the first political commercial that I wrote and directed on television.

SCHotline: What is the worst moment you had in a campaign?

SCOTT MALYERCK: The loss of Dickie Jones in the Sumter State Senate race in 2004 by about 50 votes. Dickie is one of the most decent and honest men I’ve ever met in politics and was one of the finest candidates the Republican Party has ever had run for office. He would have made an outstanding representative for the people of Sumter and Lee counties. The election was stolen in one precinct (sour grapes, I know).

SCHotline: Do you have any hobbies besides politics?

SCOTT MALYERCK: As a youngster, I was a coin collector. It has really gotten out of hand. Coin collecting is now a very expensive hobby. I have a 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar if anyone’s interested. For years my hobbies were sports related, golf, running etc. I completed the Marine Corps Marathon in 2001. I will not tell you my time, but I did run every mile of the way. The pursuit of a good golf game remains a major hobby.

SCHotline: Who is your political hero?

SCOTT MALYERCK: Ronald Reagan, no question. He personified what America was and what it hoped to be. I was lucky enough to meet President Reagan several times. His hair always seemed grayer in person. I’d have to mention George Washington. He was offered a “Kingship” in a newly formed republic but knew what America had to be and was humble enough to give it all up after eight years. His actions truly set the framework for a successful executive branch of government.

SCHotline: What is your best political accomplishment?

SCOTT MALYERCK: Taking a candidate with almost zero name ID and defeating the N.H. Speaker of the House in a Republican Primary for congress.

SCHotline: What would do if you were president for a day?

SCOTT MALYERCK: Get up very very early.

SCHotline: What are the Secrets of you success?

SCOTT MALYERCK: Being as honest and as straightforward as possible.

SCHotline: What are your biggest gripes?

SCOTT MALYERCK: Political consultants who believe they are more important than the candidate and artificial turf.

SCHotline: What are your predictions for 2007?

SCOTT MALYERCK: A battle between Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination. Hillary Clinton growing stronger and the Red Sox really competing for the pennant.


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  1. February 16, 2007 4:50 AM

    Okay how much for the 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar, seriously!


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