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A Challenge to Brian McCarty

February 13, 2007

Recently you took the time to publish a message on the internet making some very serious accusations against me and my family.

 In these messages, you asserted that I was unfit for service on the Anderson County Council and accused me of, among other things, “bigotry” and “racism.” You have even stooped so low as to accuse me of being a “fascist.”

As incredible as all of these very bitter personal attacks were, what is even mor eincredible is that they were made under the guise of protecting the good name of the Republican party and conservatism in general.

There is a problem with your attack however. The evidence you cite to support your misguided beliefs is a report from the ultra-left wing organization known as the Southern Poverty Law Center, based in Montgomery, Alabama. In fact, you even link to their website. Morris Dees, the extremely liberal trial lawyer who founded the SPLC, hardly seems like the kind of source a true conservative would cite.

You furthermore assert that editorials from several newspapers around the state are critical of my conservative beliefs. Of all the daily newspapers in South Carolina, do any of them have conservative editorial positions? Of course not. And yet you want the voters of Anderson County to turn to these liberal editorialists for information.

Interestingly, the only editorial you actually cite is from Hilton Head; which is about as far away from Anderson as you can get.

 So far I have served on the Anderson County Council for two months. Prior to that I served on the South Carolina State Board of Education for two years. Please cite for me any vote I have taken, neither position, with which you disagree.

In your strained personal attacks you never cited thing I have actually said or done in my official capacity.

Have you ever been to a State Board of Education meeting?

Have you ever been to an Anderson County Council meeting?

Obviously not.

        In fact, since you live 100 miles away from Anderson, it is not clear to me that you are not merely shilling for someone else.

Assuming that you really are interested in informing my constituents in Anderson County and protecting the Republican Party from conservatives like me, I hereby challenge you to a debate.

We can meet anywhere in Anderson you like, in any public forum you like, and I’ll be happy to respond to any accusation you want to make about my record of public service. Feel free to bring along Mr. Dees and any of your other “anonymous” friends who frequent your blog.

That assumes, of course, that you are not just a paid mud-slinger.

I look forward to hearing your response.

To verify the authenticity of this message, or to accept this challenge, you may call me at 864-605-1000.I look forward to hearing your answer soon.

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